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Who is responsible for reviewing laws, regulations and court decisions and establishing policies and procedures within the DON?
What are the different types of jurisdictions?
exclusive, concurrent, proprietary and partial/reciprocal
Navy Law Enforcement personnel may apprehend a military member off base when authorized by whom?
An offense punishable by death or imprisonment for a term exceeding one year is what kind of criminal offense
Individuals cannot be questioned about a criminal matter when under the influence of drugs or alcohol except for when?
extreme emergencies
At what point may you issue a cleansing warning?
When the suspect has made incriminating statements before being advised of their Article 31b rights advisement.
In regards to the old phrase concerning OPNAV 5527/9 and 5527/10 it has been said you cannot get the 9 without the 10. What does this mean?
You cannot get the affidavit with the Command Authorization.
During the course of a search, if the individual wants to terminate the search, can he or she?
What can you do if individuals are not willing to cooperate in opening locks during a search?
Locks may be forced open in a manner in which will cause the least amount of damage to property.
What must be completed to gain access to records of banks, credit unions, and other fiancial institutions?
Customer Consent and Authorization for Access to Financial Information form
OPNAV 5527/13