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What are the three objectives of Law Enforcement?
protect life and property
enforcement of laws and regs
preservation of good order and discipline
How often will training records be reviewed and signed?
Who is the only person authorized to sign the training records?
Security Officer
What manual addresses department procedures and policies?
Who has the responsibility for the safety and security of the command?
Who is the principal staff officer to the command for law enforcement and physical security matters?
Security officer
With commands holding more than 100 people, civilian and military combined, who should be appointed to run the department's day to day operation?
Assistant Security Officer
What part of the Security Department maintains protective presence to deter crime, respond to calls for assistance, alarms, and reports of criminal activity and enforces laws and regulations.
All cases investigated with the Security Department shall be documented with what?
Incident report
Military personnel may engage in off-duty employment with the exception of what?
bail bondsman and/or private investigator
How long is your emergency vehicle operating card good for?
3 years