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Fuselage Fire / Smoke and Fume Elimination
Oxygen - On/100% (All)
Pressurization - Emergency Depressurize (FE)
Descent - As Required (P)
Extinguish the Fire - As Required (All)
In-Flight Door Warning
Seat Belts - Fastened (All)
Oxygen - As Required (All)
Rapid Decompression
Oxygen - On/100% (All)
Pressurization - As Required (FE)
Descent - As Required (P)
What powers the BOOSTER Hydraulic System?
Output of the No. 3 & 4 Engine-Driven Hydraulic Pumps
What is the normal operating pressure of the BOOSTER hydraulic system?
2900-3200 PSI
What is the maximum pressure any of the hydraulic systems can run at?
3500 PSI
What does the BOOSTER system provide hydraulic power for?
Portion of Flight Control Boost System ONLY.
How big is the BOOSTER Hyd. System resevoir?
2 gal
What ensures BOOSTER Hyd. System operation if one of the pumps fails?
One Way Check Valve
What is the ACCUMULATOR preload pressure?
1500 +/- 100 PSI
Which two Hydraulic Systems have ACCUMULATORS?
Utility and Booster
What powers the UTILITY Hyd. System?
Output from the 1 & 2 engine-driven hydraulic pumps.
What is the normal operating pressure of the UTILITY Hyd. System?
2900-3200 PSI
How big is the UTILITY Hyd. System's resevoir?
6.5 gal
What does the UTILITY Hyd. System operate?
Flaps, Brakes, Landing Gear, Nosewheel Steering, Portion of Flight Control Boost System (with Booster Hyd. System), In Flight Refueling Reels.

(Fat Boys Get No Pizza InFlight)
What is the normal operating pressure of the AUXIILIARY Hyd. System?
2900-3300 PSI
What does the AUXILIARY Hyd. System operate?
Cargo Ramp and Door, Emergency Brakes, Emergency Nosegear Extension, Emergency IFR Reels
What provides power for the AUXILIARY Hyd. System?
Electrically Powered Engine
How big is the AUXILIARY Hyd. System reservoir?
5.8 gal
How many EMERGENCY LIGHTS does the plane have?

Where are they?
There are 8:
3 - Overhead Escape Hatches
1 - Crew Entrance Door
2 - Emergency Side Exits
2 - Paratroop Doors
The EMERGENCY LIGHTS, when armed, can be collectively extinguished by the _________.
Emergency Exit Light Extinguish Switch (Located on the FE's overhead electrical panel)
When armed, the EMERGENCY LIGHTS will illuminate if the _______________ fails (or the aircrewman removes the light from seat).
Essential DC Bus
Can the EMERGENCY LIGHTS be recharged?
No. They are powered by standard, non-rechargable batteries.
When armed, the EMERGENCY LIGHTS will illuminate if the aircraft experiences a decelerating force of or greater than ______.
2.5 g's
How many LIFERAFTS are on the C-130T?

Where are they located?
There are 4 Liferafts.

2 on Trailing Edge of Each Wing.