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How many badges can you wear at one time.
How many authorized Identification Badges are their
Name the Authorized Identification Badges
Pres Service
Vice Pres Service
Office of Sec. of Defense
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Navy Fleet/Force Master Chief
Career Counselor
Recruit Division Commander
Merchant Marine
MAA/Law Enforcement Badge
On the, Velcro Backed, Leather Name tag how manyearned breast insignia'a may be worn
I.D badges are worn by women and men in different places. Where should they be worn?
Women top left shoulder
men bottom left pocket
If you are wearing 3 large medals can you overlap
What is the maximim number of medals you can wear in one row
How do you arrange medals and ribbon
in order of precedence in rows from top down, inboard to outboard
Must Service members always wear all of their medals
They may wear only the five senior medals
Do you overlap 5 miniature medals
If you must wear 6 medals
how many will be worn in each row?
3 and 3
If you must wear 9 medals
how many will be worn in each row?
Top 4 Bottom 5
If you must wear 13 medals
how many will be worn in each row?
Top 3
middle 5
bottom 5