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What does Chapter 2 pertain to?
Current Death Program
What is the function of this program?
1. Search, recovery, and identification of remains.
2. COMNAVMEDCOM notification
3. Notification to PNOK/SNOK
4. Collection/retention of effects
5. Preparation/casketing/inspection of remains
6. Transportation of remains
7. Escort of remains
8. Provision of flags
9. Cremation
10. Interment
11. Provision of grave marker
12. Payment of DAP expenses
What is included for non-recovered remains?
1. Payment for/reimbursement of memorial service expenses
2. Memorial flag, plot, and marker
What is included with cremation?
1. Transportation
2. Urn
3. Engraving of urn
4. Outer container
Who is responsible to the CNO for the navy side of the program?
Commander, Naval Medical Command
Who is responsible to the CNO for the marine side of the program?
Commandant of the Marine Corps
Who is responsible for the administration of the Navy Casualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP)?
Commander, Naval Military Personnel Command (COMNAVMILPERSCOM)
An activity has the responsibility for coordination and awarding of a one-time contract for preparation of remains when?
When a death occurs at/within 40 miles of a naval MTF, or at a Marine Corps activity at which an annual care of deceased contract is not in effect
Adjudication and payment of certain DAP expenses include...?
1. Primary expenses when a one-time contract is used
2. Secondary (burial) allowances
3. Memorial allowance
4. Necessary transportation expenses
MED 5360-10, Interment Allowance Review Data report must be submitted to COMNAVMEDCOM (MEDCOM-332) by when?
30 October every year
What is the DD 1375?
Request for Payment of Funeral and/or Interment Expenses
What are included in annual care of the dead contracts?
1. Naval medical facilities
2. naval activities with annual contracts for care of deceased
3. activities authorized by COMNAVMEDCOM to use annual contracts of Army or Air Force
What is the Decedent Affairs Officer typically?
A member of the Medical Service Corps, or, an enlisted member as the patient administration officer, the leading chief petty officer
What does CACO stand for?
Casualty assistance calls officer