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What is the most commonly encountered pest aboard Navy ships?
The German cockroach (Blatella germanica)
Young cockroaches are called?
Cockroaches' habits and body structure enable them to potentially transmit what?
Pathogens that cause dysentery and diarrhea
The German cockroach is a small, flattened, light brown insect which can be easily identified from other cockroaches by the presence of two dark longitudinal stripes behind the head A.K.A.?
“Lieutenant’s bars”
Adult German cockroaches are approximately?
one- half inch long
Adult female cockroaches produce a visible egg capsule called an _________ located at the tip of the abdomen.
A female Cockroach can hold how many eggs in the ootheca (egg capsule)?
Gravid females may carry the egg capsule up to __ weeks, until the eggs are within __ hours of hatching.
3 Weeks, 24 Hours
Nymphs (baby cockroaches) will fully mature in how many days?
40 to 60 days
German cockroaches prefer to dwell in cracks and crevices usually less than _____ wide for growth and survival.
1/2-inch Wide
German cockroaches are __________ and gregarious in habit.
Typically, the cockroach spends approximately ___ percent of the time in the harborage (crack or crevice) and the remaining ___ percent foraging within a few feet of an established harborage.
80 % in & 20 % out
If cockroaches are seen in lighted conditions, it may indicate?
Overpopulation or disturbance of haborage
The shipboard pest control specialist should conduct a cockroach survey?
Every two weeks in food service areas, and weekly until cockroaches are no longer present.
Infestations are most likely to be in and around
Steam lines, cable bundles, berthing, false bulkheads, overheads, and splash boards. Lagging and torn insulation, behind pictures and bulletin boards. Around holes for plumbing and
electrical lines, behind drawers, Around iron supports of counters
and serving lines, In hollow furniture and utility legs.
Cockroach feces appear as?
Small, straw-colored to reddish- dark brown dots
Cockroach flushing agents consist of an aerosol pesticide formulation of?
Synthetic pyrethroids, such as D- Phenothrin
After flushing observe the area for __ to __ minutes for cockroach activity
3 to 5 Minutes
Over ___ species of insects, mostly beetles and moths, can infest food products brought aboard ship.
100 species
What are SPP's
Stored Products
The most susceptible supply items are ?
farinaceous products (those made from flour or other processed grains).
Beetle larvae belonging to the ____________ family are covered with tiny hairs, which, if eaten, may cause serious intestinal distress.
This beetle is internationally quarantined.
Khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium
The more important stored products pests, which may be found aboard ship, are divided into two groups which are?
(1) Medically Important
(2) Non- Medically Important.
A key feature of the biology of stored Product Pests (SPPs) is?
Their ability to conserve water
What are effective measures for the prevention and control of SPPs.
Reduction of temperature and cold storage
An adult female Dermestidae can produce approximately ___ eggs during her lifetime.
100 eggs
Dermestidae adults and larvae are capable of penetrating what unexpected materials?
both polyethylene and foil packaging.
Which dermestid beetle probably originated from India?
The Kharpa Beetle
What Dermestid is brown in color and covered with yellowish hairs and feeds on grains and cereal products?
The Kharpa Beetle
Adult khapra beetles may live how long?
A few days to several months.
The larvae of the khapra beetle are especially resistant to starvation, and may live for how long without food?
Several years
The red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, and the _______ _______ beetle, Tribolium confusum, are very similar in appearance.
Confused Flour Beetle
True or false? the confused flour beetle can fly.
False! The red flour beetle can fly not the confused flour beetle!
True or false? The antennal segments of the red flour beetle gradually increase in size throughout their length, similar to the shape of a baseball bat.
False! This is the characteristic of the confused flour beetle.
Both the red and confused flour beetle species are common pests of?
Crackers, cereals, flour, and other grain products
When present in large numbers, both the red and confused flour beetle species cause flour to turn ____ in color and impair its baking qualities.
Adult flour beetles also secrete _______________, which impart a disagreeable taste and odor to infested products.
What is the stored product infestation tolerance level for insects producing Benzoquinones (Red and confused flour beetle)?
3 or more insects per pound for Tribolium
What is the infestation tolerance level for most insects?
7 or more insects per pound
Flour beetles appear as?
Shiny, flattened, reddish-brown insects.
Which PPs is this? The head and upper parts of the thorax are densely covered with minute pitting. The wing covers are ridged lengthwise.
Flour beetles
The female flour beetle lays an average of ___ eggs in her life time.
440 eggs
The adult flour beetle may live how long?
The adult may live 2-3 years
What is the most common SPP aboard ship.
The saw-toothed grain beetle
What SPP infests grain products, dried fruits, candy, sugar, dried meats, and tobacco products?
The saw-toothed grain beetle
Describe the saw-toothed grain beetle.
The adult is slender, flat, and brown. It is easily recognized by the six saw- toothed-like projections on each side of the thorax.
The female saw-toothed grain beetle can lay as many as ___ eggs during her lifetime.
What is the lifespan of the adult saw-toothed grain beetle?
The adult usually lives 6 to 10 months, but some may live for up to 3 years.
What beetle is nearly identical in appearance to the saw-toothed grain beetle, similar in habit, but more abundant in the Pacific region?
The merchant grain beetle
Which SPPs are poor package penetrators, normally utilizing breaks along seams, vent holes,or other opening?
The Merchant Grain Beetle & Saw-toothed Grain Beetle
Which SPP is considered to be one of the most destructive of the stored products pests, feeding on a variety of raw grains and grain products?
The Rice Weevil
The adult ____ _____ is reddish-brown and has a characteristic long “beak” or ”snout” that extends down under the head.
The adult Rice Weevil
The beak of the Rice Weevil may be as long as ___ the length of the body.
1/4 the length of the body
Besides the beak, the adult Rice Weevil can be easily recognized by what characteristic?
The presence of two yellowish or reddish spots on the top of each front wing.
What is the scientific name for the Rice Weevil?
Sitophilus oryzae.
What SPP has a worldwide distribution and is the number one pest of dried fruits in storage?
The Indian meal moth

*It can also infest a wide variety of other commodities, including grain products, nuts, powdered milk, candy, and pet food.
What is the scientific name for the Indian Meal Moth?
Plodia interpunctella.
Which SPP can be a problem especially in packaged food items in vending machines and snack areas aboard ship.
The Indian Meal Moth
When infesting grain products, which SPP prefers coarse flours and is commonly found in items like corn meal.
The Indian Meal Moth
What fully-grown larvae are large compared to other common SPPs?
Indian Meal Moth

* About one-half inch long
The most commonly seen “white worms” found in packaged dried fruits are nearly always the larvae of what SPP?
Indian Meal Moth
Describe the appearance of the Indian Meal Moth.
The adults of this moth have a grayish band across the upper 1/3 of their reddish-bronze wings. The wings are folded over the abdomen when resting
The female Indian Meal Moth lays between ___ to ___ eggs during her lifetime.
100 to 300 eggs
The Cigarette Beetle will infest what products?
The cigarette beetle (Fig. 2-18) infests a wide variety of foods including grains, spices, herbs, dried meats, drugs, and pet food.
What is the scientific name for the cigarette beetle?
Lasioderma Serricorne.
The cigarette beetle is capable of penetrating what materials?
Polyethylene and foil packaging

* just like Dermestid Beetles
Describe the appearance of the adult Cigarette Beetle.
The adult is light-brown in color and appears rounded. The head is bent downward, giving the insect a strongly humped appearance
Which SPP is this? The last segments of the antennae are serrate or triangular, and the hardened front wings are smooth in appearance.
The Cigarette Beetle
What beetle is a close relative the cigarette beetle, is very active and will eat almost anything.
The Drugstore Beetle
What beetle can even ingest poisons such as strychnine and belladonna?
The drugstore beetle

* In addition to food products, they can consume paper and wood and can be serious pests in books.
What SPP has been known to bore through sheet lead?
The Drugstore Beetle
Describe the Drugstore beetle's appearance.
The adult is reddish- brown in color. In contrast to the cigarette beetle, the last 3 segments of the antennae are elongated and sausage-like in shape.
What beetle's front wings have parallel lines along their length.
The Drugstore Beetle

* Its life history and habits resemble the cigarette beetle.
_______ are minute insects about the size of a pinhead and are sometimes found covering stored food products (flour, cereals).
What SPP is this? These almost transparent insects are about 1 mm long.

* They feed on cereal products, vegetable and animal debris, paste, glue, and other organic substances
* Their preferred foods are molds and fungi
Female Book-lice lays up to how many eggs?
100 eggs

*Growing from egg to adult in about 3 weeks
True or false? All dry food products MUST be inspect upon receipt (pierside) and rejected if evidence of infestation is found.
Conduct onboard inspections of all replenishments within ______ of receipt, including newly acquired stored products transferred from supply ships at sea
48 Hours of receipt
Personnel performing the receipt inspection can be either _______ or _____ department members, but all shall be trained in inspection procedures.
Supply or Medical staff
Detailed stored product inspection procedures are provided in what military reference?
MIL-STD-904B (Appendix G)
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 2 to 15 packages?
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 16 to 50 packs?
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 51 to 150 packs?
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 151 to 500 packs?
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 501 to 3,200 packs?
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 3,201 to 35,000 packs?
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 35,001 to 500,000 packs?
What is the recommended sample sizes to determine infestation levels of SPPs for a Lot size of 500,001 packs and over?
What items have the highest probability of infestation?
Grits • Cornmeal • Farina • Fry mix • Macaroni/Pasta • Barley • Cookie and cake mix • Flour • Dry beans and peas • Ready to eat cereal • Spices
Send labeled SPP specimen samples with what form completed, to the nearest NDVECC or NEPMU?
DD Form 1222 "Request for and Results of Tests”