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Describe the area designated
as a clothing dump for chemically contaminated clothing and blankets?
An area downwind of the MTF or in a leeward
exposed topside position afloat
The dump where contaminated clothing is disposed should be how far from MTFs and living quarters?
75 yards (meters) downwind
All personnel handling or treating chemically
contaminated casualties must be suited and booted at what MOPP level?
Contaminated chemical protective overgarments
may be safely worn for how many hours?
24 hours
While decontaminating litters, ambulances, and other equipment, personnel must also be at what
MOPP level?
True or False: Wearing the chemical protective ensemble
places limitations on the capability of medical
personnel to treat a casualty.
Ordinarily, medical units cannot decontaminate
impermeable protective equipment. What do you do with the items?
Place items in chemical
agent-tight containers to decontaminate later
When the ship is at sea, how are contaminated clothing and materials disposed of?
Dumped over the side
Whats the quickest way to decontaminate liquid contaminants on
impermeable protective clothing?
Neutralize the clothing while it is being worn
If chemical contamination is light oris caused by vapor, articles can be decontaminated how?
By airing outdoors in the wind and sunlight for several
Name three methods of decontaminating Impermeable Protective Clothing, Aprons,
Gloves, and Boots?
Aeration, Water, and Slurry
Immerse heavily contaminated
articles in hot soapy water at what temperature and for how long?
Just below boiling for 1 hour
How should you decontaminate impregnated items?
Spraying or applying slurry then rinse with water
If contamination
is external and relatively light and the chemical agent hasnt absorbed into the rubber of your protective mask, they may be scrubbed with hot soapy water, rinsed,
drained, and air dried. This method is pratical with what chemical agents?
What two decontaminating kits can be used to decontaminate a contaminated mask?
M291 Skin Decontaminating Kit or the
M258A1 Skin Decontamination Kit
When decontaminating a mask with the M258A1 Kit, in what order do you want to use the DECON WIPES?
Use DECON wipe 2 first then DECON wipe 1, because DECON WIPE 2 leaves a residue that DECON WIPE 1 cleans off, so you can clearly see out of your mask.
Mask and carriers lightly contaminated
by vapor may only be decontaminated using what method?
Airing in sunlight and wind
First-aid pouches and other web and canvas equipment may be decontaminated using what method?
Boiling in water for 1 hour , rinse, and air dry. You can also use bleach slurry water