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The tool control program is based on what
inventory concept?
Instant inventory concept.
What officer is responsible for coordinating
the tool control program?
Material Control officer.
What division is responsible for monitoring
the tool control program?
Quality Assurance.
Tools of poor quality are reported to what
Fleet Material Support Office.
Who has the overall responsibility for control
of all tool containers and their keys?
Work center supervisor.
What officer must be notified that a missing
tool cannot be found?
Maintenance Officer(MO).
W h a t t w o m a n u a l s o u t l i n e t h e
chain-of-command responsibilities in regards
to occupational safety?
OPNAVINST 5100.19 and OPNAVINST 5100.23.
What is the primary source of information
involving the use of hazardous materials?
Material Safety Data Sheet
Who is responsible for training shop personnel
in the use of the material safety data
Work center supervisor.
In naval aviation technical manuals, what
safety term is used to indicate an operating
procedure, practice, or condition that may
result in injury or death if not carefully
In naval aviation technical manuals, what
safety term is used to indicate an operating
procedure, practice, or condition that may
result in damage or destruction to equipment?
What type of diagram is useful for showing
the relationship of components of a system and the sequence in which the different
components operate?
What type of diagram is a graphic
representation of a system that shows how a
component fits with other components but
does not indicate its actual location in the
What type of diagrams use actual drawings of
components within the system?
The logical/deductive reasoning process of
finding a malfunction is known by what term?
What are the seven steps encompassed in the
troubleshooting aids generally found in the
aircraft MIMS?
Visual inspection, operational check, classify the trouble, isolate the trouble,
locate the trouble, correct the trouble, and conduct final operational check.
During a visual inspection, a hydraulic system
should be checked for what primary concerns?
Proper servicing levels.
What are the four basic categories of malfunctions?
Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, or electrical
When you conduct the final operational
check, how many times must the affected system
be actuated?
What components should be checked for
proper position prior to applying electrical
and hydraulic power?
Hydraulic selector valves and electrical switches.
When troubleshooting, what records should
you check to see if there is a previous history
of the same type of discrepancy?
Aircraft discrepency records.
What equipment or tool should you use to
check the voltage and continuity of a circuit in
an electrically controlled hydraulic system?
What substance is used to reduce friction,
cool metallic parts, prevent wear, and protect
against corrosion?
What are the four methods of applying
Grease gun, squirt can,hand, and brush.
What type of lubrication fittings rests level
with the surface and will not interfere with
moving parts?
Flush fittings.
Where would you find the prewash lubrication
chart for a particular aircraft?
Maintenance Requirements Cards (MRC).
What document should you consult for special
safety requirements and personal protective
equipment prior to using any lubricant?
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
What characteristics of an aircraft are
directly dependent upon its weight and
balance condition?
What technical manual covers weight and
NAVAIR 01-1B-50.
What is the standard method used by the Navy
for weighing aircraft?
Mobile Electronic Weighing System (MEWS).
How often must heavy-duty portable scales
and MEWS scales be calibrated?
Every six(6) months.
What is the minimum time required for an
electronic scale to warm up?
Twenty(20) minutes.
What actions must be accomplished if the
Weight and Data Handbook is lost?
Weigh (or reweigh)and balance the a/c.
What are the four types of aircraft slings?
Wire rope, fabric or webbing, structural steel or aluminum, and chain
What is the most common type of aircraft
lifting sling used today?
Wire rope.
What types of slings do not contain flexible
structural steel.
What manual covers load testing and
inspection information for aircraft slings?
NAVAIR 17-1-114.
How often should inspection and lubrication
of aircraft slings be accomplished?
Before each use or monthly.
What are the two types of hydraulic aircraft
jacks used by the Navy?
Axle and tripod.
Aircraft jacks are serviced with what type of
Standard authorized aircraft hydraulic fluid.
What type of jack is used for changing aircraft
What division performs 13-week special
inspections on axle jacks?
AIMD Support Equipment Division.
What important safeguard prevents you from
lowering a jack too fast?
Safety locknuts.
Details on jacking restrictions and
procedures can be found in what publication?
Aircraft MIMs.
For shipboard operations, what is the
minimum number of tie-down chains required
for each jack?
Three (3).