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What does the acronym MILSATCOM stand for?
Military Satellite Communications System
MILSATCOM includes which frequency capabilities?
Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
Super High Frequency (SHF
Extremely High Frequency (EHF)
What is the role of the MILSATCOM?
Provide reliable, secure communications in support of Department of Defense (DoD)Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence (C4I) in all levels of conflect, i accordance with the current nationaa military strategy.
What are some advantages MILSATCOM offer?
Worldwide coverage, service to insolated areas, rapid expansion to new locations, reliable communications which exceed the range of line-of-sight (LOS) systems.
When will all MILSATCOM constellations life cycle end and what is done to bridge between today's UHF, SHF, and EHF and those that are predicted in 2010?
Between 2003-2007. Gapfiller or transition spacecraft are used now and a criticall tight tiemline exists to plan, budget and prepare for the replacement and/or replenishement of those different satellite constellations and terminal systems.
What is the definition of information domoniance?
The ability to rapidly derive, protect, transmit and employ information in a data-intensive battle space, while denying the enemy access to his own information infrastructure.
what are the two ways that network-centric warfare has the power for potentially increasing returns on investment?
Allows our forces to develop speed a command and it enables forces to organize from the bottom up-or to self synchronize- to meet the commander's intent.
Where does network-centric warfare derive its power?
From the strong networking of a well-informed but geographically dispersed force.
What is network-centric warfare composed of?
Information grids which tie together sensor grids(radar, space, acoustic) and engagement grids (ships, aircraft, ground armor, submarines and marine).
Enabling elements of network-centric warfare are:
high-erformance information grid, access to all appropriate information sources, weapons reach and nameuver with precision and speed of response, value-adding command and control (C2) processes (to include high-speed automated assignment of resources to need and integrated sensor grids closely coupled in time to shooter and c2 processes.
What is intellectual capital?
The importance of the warfighter to understand the true force of his/her combat power in such things as Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), Global Command and Control System (GCCS) and Link 16.
Why is Financial capital crucial?
It is crucial in powering the Revolution of Military Affairs (RMAs). Delays will mean higher costs reduces combat power and failure to achieve the concept of Joint Vision 2010.
What is the Navy's umbrella strategy for enabling IT element of network-centric warfare?
Information Technology for the 21st Century (IT-21). (IT-21) provides for accelerated implementation of customer-led command, control, communication, computers and intelligence (C4I) innovation and existing C2 systems/capabilites (programs of record).
What is Transformation Process?
Describes the need for a process of co-evolution among technology, organization, and doctrine in acquisition of network-centric warfare. The main objective is to create an ethos for experimentation, innovation and willingness to risk across the force, instead of a small sample group.
What does the acronym GCCS mean?
Global Command an Control Systems