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A class C fire involves what?
energized electrical equipment
Class D fires are extinguished with what
Water in large quantities
Anti icing fluids that are a mixture of 85% alcohol and 15% glycerin burn with what kind of flame?
An almost invisible flame
_____ and _____ are ineffective procedures for fighting fires involving liquid oxygen
Blanketing, smothering agaents
For anti icing fluid hazards the best method of control is what?
by dilution with water
During a aircraft fire when should water handlines be used for ordance cooling?
when the fire is extinguished
Fires involving hypergolic mixtures can be best handled how?
Diluting the fuel and oxidizer with large quantities of water
What shall not be used to extinguish burning lithium powered equipment?
Halon fire extinguishers
For more info on protective clothes and cleanup procedures of otto fuel, refer to what?
NAVSEA OP 4522 appendix A
Approximately what temp will cause epoxy binder to ignite or decompose?
752 degrees
What NAVAIR manual can you find out info on composite material?
What is the flash point of AVGAS? What is the flame spread rate?
-50 degrees; 700-800 ft per min flame spread rate
What is the flash point of JP-4? What is the flame spread rate?
-10 degrees; 700-800 ft per min
What is the flash point of JP-5? What is the flame spread rate?
140 degrees; 100 ft per min (the lowest flash point safe for naval vessels)
What is the flash point of JP-8? The flame spread rate?
100 degrees; 100 ft per min
If flame is present on an alkaline or nickel battery what do you do?
use available extinguishing agents Halon 1211 or CO2 (Do not use CO2 if flame is NOT present)
WHat kind of fire extinguisher should use for lithium battery?
A "LITH-X" Model D
Where can you find AMERICUIM 241?
Laser optical module of the laser transceiveer carried in the forward-looking infrared pod (FLIR)
What 3 repair teams are in the air dept?
Aviation fuel repair team, crash salvage and rescue team hangar deck firefighting and rescue team
Where are the controls located for mergency lighting for the flight deck?
Prifly, on the NAV bridge
The weapons staging area is protected by an AFFF sprinkler system consisting of what?
deck edge nozzles
Requirements for salvage equipment can be found in found in what manual?
NAVAIR 00-80R-19 NATOPS a/c salvage manual(Afloat)
How amny MFFV shall be available in each hangar bay to respond to a fire?
What is recommended to maximize MFFV firefighting assets intially to the scene?
In addition to AFFF flush deck zones activated at the scene, a least one ______ shall be activated?
What kin of water is recommended to cool liquid oxygen converter leaks?
fresh water
What should be used as a last resort for fighting engine wet start fires?
From what angle should you attack the fire?
45 degree
How often should the crash crew attend team trainer?
once during a 18 month cycle or whenever the team experiences more than 40% turnover
Name 3 types of canopies.
Clamshell hinge and sliding
Entry through where presents the most difficult problem in making forcible into an a/c?
Most ejection seats used in Navy a/c are fired by what?
Pulling down on the face curtain
On most US Air force a/c the seat firing mechanism is located where?
on the armrest
What kin of ventilator is designed for use with the MCK-0 through 5 mask and provides the aircrewman with a blown filtered air supply?
DS2 ignites on contact with what?
STB (supertropical bleach) HTH (calcium hypochlorite)
What is the first step rescue personnel should take reaching aircraft crewmembers?
Remove faceplate
The parachute and survival kit weight is between how many pounds?
What is the device which may be attached to the standard Koch fitting?
What is the Air dept Sop instruction?
What is a/c handling?
general term that describe any movement of a/c or associated equipment aboard an aircraft
What is the plane captains job?
When his/her a/c lands they immediately meet their a/c and insert down locks/pins and/or jury struts
What manual gives you standard a/c handling signals?
When is the holdback bar installed on a/c with nose gear launch systems?
a/c stopped prior to taxing in to the nose tow deck ramp steering must be disengaged at the entrance to the NGL guide tracks (WYE)
At night how do thte pilots signal a brake failure? During the day?
Navigational light will be turned on, during the day he will put his tail hook down
When will the a/c elevators be manned?
General quarters, flight quarters, sppecial sea and anchor detail underway replenishment