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what is the pumping capacity of the P100
275 gallons per minute at 45 psi
what is an OBA
an Oxygen Breathing Aparatus
what is the time that an OBA can be used
the gas canister provides 60 min of air but because of exertion people only set the timer for 30 min
what is the CMWD
Countermeasure Washdown System
what does the CMWD do
it is a sprinkler system that washes down the weather deck with salt water during a CBR attack
what is the electric submersible pump used for
it is for dewatering compartments without installed drainage system
what is the range of the PKP
18 feet
how does PKP work
it interrupts the chemical reaction of a fire and thereby slows down the combustion
what class of fire is PKP used on
Bravo class
what is the range of CO2 fire extinguishers
4-6 feet
what type of fire is CO2 used on
charlie class fires and limited Alpha class fires
what characterizes an alpha class fire
material that leaves an ash when burned: mattresses, books and paper
what is used to fight alpha fires
what characterizes bravo fires
flammable liquid fires
what is used to put out bravo fires
Aqueous Film Forming foam
what characterizes Charlie fires
electrical fires
what is used to put out charlie fires
what is a Delta fire
burning metals
how do you fight delta fires
jettison material
who is responsible for maintaining effective damage control organization
the engineering officer and the damage control assistant
who supervises the damage control central
the DCA
Repair II
forward repair
Repair III
after repair(secondary DCC)
Repair V
main propulsion spaces
Repair VIII
electronics repair
takes place in the boiler...wher chemical energy from a fuel source is turned into thermal energy(heat)
what is saturated steam
steam at the same temp as the water it came from...does not have enough thermal energy to operate turbines
thermal energy of steam is converted to mechanical energy in the turbines
where the steam turnes back into water
where the water receives oxygen and begins to be heated so the whole process is repeated
what are the four phases of the steam cycle