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Describe Fungi
Simple eukaryotes
sign. role in decomposition of organic matter
How does fungi obtain nutrition?
All fungi are heterotrophic. Food is obtained through the process of absorption, fungi secrete enzymes that digest food outside their cell, and they then absorb the products of digestion.
What is chitin?
A fungi's cell wall contains chitin a polysaccharide that also contains amino acids, most like the cellulose in the cell wall of plant cells.
What is hyphae?
A tangled thread-like structure formed my multicellular fungi. Used to increase their ratio of surface are to cell volume, which optimizes contact for digestion and absorption of nutrients.
What does coenocyte mean?
Each hypha is basically a continuous mass of cytoplasm with nuclei scattered throughout it.
The entire mass of hyphae for a single fungus compose a large, net-like structure known as a _________.
What is haustoria?
Specialized structures that penetrate the host plant's tissues without puncturing any of its cell membranes.
Name the 4 types of basic fungi?
Zygosporangium-Forming Fungi
Sac Fungi
Club Fungi
Imperfect Fungi
Give the characteristics of Zygosporangium-Forming Fungi also called Conjugation fungi
live in soil or decomposing organic matter
Produce thick-walled sporangia
What is Rhizopus stolonifer?
a mold commonly found on bread, a ZFF member.
What are rhizoids?
Thin, branched hairs that anchor the mycelium by penetrating the substance on which the fungus resides.
Give the characteristics of sac fungi
form a reproductive sac called ascus where the joining of the hyphae take place.
Name some common sac fungi
Give the characteristics of Club Fungi
Extend vertically above the soil, forming a stem that is topped by a fleshy cap. Examples are toadstools, puffballs, mushrooms.
Describe imperfect fungi
they exhibit only asexual reproduction and do not have a sexual cycle.
Describe a symbiotic relationship
Fungi are sometimes involved in interactions with other organisms in which both species benefit from the involvement.
What is Lichens
are a composite of fungus and algae that have a symbiotic relationship
What is mycorrhizae?
Means fungus root. A symbiotic relationship between roots of plants and fungi.