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_______ __________ is the process by which both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells multiply.
Cell division
Name the 3 major processes of cell division
Binary fission
What occurs in prokaryotic cells?
Binary fission
What occurs in eukaryotic cells?
Mitosis and Meiosis
What is binary fission?
Is the process by which prodaryotic cell divides into two essentially identical daughter cells.
What are the steps of binary fission?
Cell elongates
looped chromosome attaches to plasma membrane
Cell membrane indents
Cell division occurs
What are the phases of Mitosis?
1.) Prophase
2.) Metaphase
3.) Anaphase
4.) Telophase
What are the stages of the cell cycle?
M mitosis
G1 Cell growth & differentiation
S DNA synthesis
G2 Period of growth
What is interphase?
The largest portion of the cell cycle and contains G1, S, and G2 stages of the cell cycle.
During Interphase G1 what is going on inside the cell?
A variety of nonreproductive activities take place within the cell, including growth, differentiation, increases in the number of organelles, and production of materials for internal us and sport.
During Interphase S what is going on inside the cell?
The DNA in the cell's nucleus doubles, the proteins associated with chromssomes form, and the cell's metabolism slows.
During Interphase G2 what is going on inside the cell?
The cell continues to grow and the material necessary for reproduction are organized.
During M phase what is going on inside the cell?
Cell division and it is divided into 4 stage
1.) Prophase
2.) Metaphase
3.) Anaphase
4.) Telophase
What occurs inside cell during Prophase?
The nuceoli disappear, the chromatin condenses into chromosomes, the nuclear envelope breaks down, and the mitotic spindle is assembled.
What occurs inside the cell during Metaphase?
Begins when the chromosomes are distributed across the metaphase plate, a plane lying between the two poles of the spindle. Metaphase ends when the microtubules still attached to the kinetochores, pull each chromosome apart into two chromatids.
What occurs inside the cell during Anaphase?
the microtublues connected to the chromatids (now chromosomes) shorten, effectively pulling the chromosomes to opposite poles.
What occurs inside the cell during Telophase?
A nuclear envelop develops around each pole, forming two nuclei. The chromosome within each of these nuclei disperse into chromatin, and the nuclei reappear. Simultaneously, cytokinesis occurs, dividing the cytoplasm into two cells.