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when objects fall toward Earth with no forces acting upward; air resistance is neglected when it comes to this
free fall
the product of the fource and the time of application
tendency of an object to remain in unchaging motion whether actually moving or at rest, when the net force is zero
the total momentum of a group of interacting objects remains constant in the absence of external forces
law of conservation of momentum
the product of the mass of an object times ins velocity
a unit of force defined as kg.m/s2; this is needed to accelerate a 1 kg mass 1 m/s2
Quantityof 5 m/s2 is a measure of
Automobile has how many different devices that can cause it to undergo acceleration
three or more
Ignoring air resistance, an object faling toward the surface of Earth has a velocity that is
Ignoring air resistance, an object falling near the surface of Earth has an acceleration that is
Two objects are released from the same height at the same time and one has twice the weight of the other. Ignoring air resistance
they both hit at the same time
A ball rolling across the floor slows to a stop because
there is a net force acting on it
Considering the forces on the system of you and a bicycle as you pedal the bike at a constant velocity in a horizontal straight line
all forces are in balance, with the net force equal to zero
If you double the unbalanced force on an object of a given mass, the acceleration will be
If you double the mass of a cart while it is undergoing a constant unbalanced force, the acceleration will be
half as much
Doubling the distance between the center of an orbiting satellte and the center of Earth will result in what change in the gravitational attraction of Earth for the satellite
one fourth as much