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What are resources?
anything NEEDED by human beings to live
What are nautural resources?
materials removed from the earth that are needed and used by people
Give some examples of natural resources
fossil fuels-oil, coal, natural gas, water, minerals
What are living resources?
anything living on the earth that people use.
Give examples of natural resources
wood, plants for food, cotton, animals for food
What are renewable resources?
resources that are replaced by nature in a reasonable amount of time
Give some examples of renewable resources
wood, water, soil, plants, animals
What are nonrenewable resources?
any resource that cannot be replaced by nature in a reasonable amount of time.
What are example of nonrenewable resources
fossil fuels & minerals
What are limited resources
something needed where there is only a certain amount. You might run out.
Give examples of limited resources
fossil fuels, minerals
What are unlimited resources`
resources that won't run out
Give examples of unlimited resources
trees, animals, air, water
Name three ways to help manage the land
crop rotation, contour plowing, strip cropping
What are crops?
anything grown in mass quantities to eat, use as feed, or sell
What is depletion?
when one type of crop is grown on the same field for too long and so the nutrients are gone
What is crop rotation?
planting a nitrogen-using crop one year and a nitrogen-producing crop the next year
What is contour plowing?
Planting crops across the face of a slope instead of up and down. It prevents soil erosion
What is strip cropping?
planting strips of low cover crops between strips of other crops
what are cover crops
winter-time crops to hold down the soil. Cover crops help prevent soil erosion
What is erosion?
Erosion is when water and wind carry away soil
what is terracing?
plowing a slope/hill to put in steps for planting
what are wind breaks?
a row of trees to stop the wind from eroding the soil. It helps prevent erosion
What are minerals?
a naturally occuring checmical or substance found in soil or rocks.
Give some examples of minerals
copper, iron, sulfur
What are alloys
substances made of two or more metals
What are examples of alloys
What are the steps in open-pit mining?
strip the earth (make a hole), take out the ore, purify the ore, fill the hole.
obtaining and using fossil fuels and nuclear energy can....
pollute the land