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set right, remedy, make up for. The mangagement agreed to redress the problems outlined in the tenants' complaints.
to call upon in supplication, beseech, to call or pray for earnestly.
a season's yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard; The young girl liked the style of her grandmother's dresses, so she frequently rummaged through the vintage clothing at the nearby resale shop.
variegated in color, composed of diverse often incongruous elements. Tryouts for the talent show drew a motley group of tap dancers, jugglers, and comics.
to surpass in quality or attainment, excel, to prevail over:overcome. Stuttering was a problem the young politcian was unable to surmount, and he was forced to withdraw from the election after his first speech.
an arched structure of masonary usually forming a ceiling or roof, an arched or dome-shaped anatomical structure. Hoping to prevent theft, the homeowner carefully placed his family's valuables in the new vault constructed under his bedroom floor.
to attain awareness or understanding of; to regard as being such (perceived threats): Because the gentleman perceived the value of the jewel to be great, he bid an enormous amount of money to purchase it.
not to be endured: Intolerable, The mother was understandably proud of her son, but her friends found her constant bragging insufferable.
to let fall, exude, or precipitate in drops or in a wet mist, to extract the essense of, The sciencetists knew that they would have to follow the steps of the process without ane deviation if they were to distill the solution into the concentration that was needed in order for it to be used for medicinal purposes.
composed of all sorts of persons or things. Not restricted to one class, sort, or person: Indiscriminate; Please don't listen to those nasty, unfounded rumors; the fact that someone is single does not in any manner suggest that he or she is promiscuous, for people who are single are just as apt to have high moral standards as are those who are married.
the action of receding: Recession: a hidden secret or secluded place or part.
end in time or exsistence, conclusion, outcome result.
potent, efficacious, having or exhibiting virtue: morally excellent
something constructed of materials used by masons, the art trade or occupation of a mason,
the money goods or estate that a woman brings to her husband in marriage
a stably balanced state, equilibrium, easy self-possesed assurance of manner
to bite or chew on with teeth