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who are the five nations
the Scoom, Seneca, Cayuga, Onodaga, Oneida, Mohawk
what is a confederation
a bond between group
what is a sachem
an elected person who deals with matters dealing with the five nation
who owned the land
they thought the great spirit gave them the land and noone can own it
what does communal mean
shared ownership
what are wampum beads
the are shells that are used for language, money and trade
how did the world begin
the wife in the sky world fell through a hole and eventually began earth
who was dekanawida
he had a dream that the five tribe (nations) would stop fighting and unite
who was hiawatha
he spread dekanawidas words to the tribes and united them
where did iroquois live
they lived in longhouses
who was the head of the longhouses
the oldest or most important woman