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colonists born in spain or portugal
white pople born in colonies,,,although wealthy, they suffered discrimination led some revolutions
african merican and european mixed ancestry. also faced discrimination, made mjority of population in 1700s
strong men, mesitzo military leaders who ruled with military force for demoracy
toussaint l'ouverture
led revolt with slaves that freed many slaves in haiti against the french finished 1798
simon bolivar
led a revolt in venzuala became president of gran colombia (colom, venez, ecua, panama) so they could gain independance
jose de san martin
man from argetina who as very famous in latin american stuggle for imdependance helped liberated argentina chile and peru, by 1810 his forces freed argentina from the spnish
miguel hidalgo
considered the first mexican hro for independence although his forces were extinguished and he was killed national hero of maexico his uprising on spet 16 is remembered at indpendence day
jose maria morelos
had several goals which included the abolition of slavery votes for men imroveed conditions captured and killed in 1815
dom pedro
brazil independant 1822
haitian revolution
this as an attempt by the people of haiti to go against their french mother country. it was a brutal stuggle and many slaves gouth and were freed. led by louverture
south american revolution
this was the struggle of countries in SA to gain independence from the mother country. France spain and portugal
mexican revolution
many people say hidalgo started this as he had early revolutions. morelos also impacted through his goals