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What meeting in 1815 had the purpose to return Europe to the conditions that existed before the French Revolution?
The Congress of Vienna
In many newly independent 19th century Latin American nations, power was often concentrated in the hands of the ....
Wealthy landowners
What three groups in Latin America formed an elite class and held great wealth and political power?
Catholic Church, military, landowners
As independence was gained by most Latin American countries, the power once held by the King's representatives was assumed by ...
military leaders
Economic dependence on other nations, unstable economies as world market prices riese and fall, debt are all problems that are a result of ....
The reliance on a single cash crop economy
Giuseppe Garibaldi and Simon Bolivar are similar in that both encouraged ______ in their peoples.
What two forces were the most powerful in 19th century Western Europe?
Nationalism & Liberalism
A major factor that contributed to the unification of Germany was...
the military power of Prussia
What German leader would agree with Napoleon that international conflicts can best be resolved through the use of military force?
Otto von Bismarck
What leader would have said "There is only one master in the Reich, and that is I"
Wilhelm I
What Russian leader would have said "It is better to abolish serfdom from above than to wait until it is abolished from below."
Alexander II
What Italian leader would have said "Follow me, you glorious Red Shirts, and together we shall unite Italy!"
Giuseppe Garibaldi
What Italian leader would have said "We will expel the Austrians from Italy"
Camillo Cavour
What was the art movement that had a deep interest in nature and the individual
What nationalist leader was known as "the Liberator"
Simon Bolivar
What was the movement in the arts that reflected the growing political importance of the working class in the 1850s?
Who was the famous English realist novelist who wrote about London's working poor?
Charles Dickens
Who was the priest who issued the Grito de Dolores, a call for a peasant rebellion in Mexico?
Miguel Hidalgo
What political philosophy was usually wealthy property owners and nobility and argued for protecting the traditional monarchies of Europe?
What political philosophy was mostly middle-class business leaders and merchants that wanted to give more political power to elected parliaments, but only the educated and landowners could vote?
What political philosophy favored drastic change to extend democracy to all people.