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Energy Crunch, deficient /w rising demand
Dam, Coal controversy
Nuclear - clean energy
Iran - Signed up to NPT treaty
India - remained outside and faced the presure and sanction
India - 2nd largest Shia population
US, India
defensive doctrine on nuclear force

never been aggressive
Create wealth to distribute it
trickle down effect

concern for poor

and march forward economic reforms

more than 50% of population is going to be less than 25 years
We want India, China to be rich or poor?

India 70% below 35 year old
Also Brazil, South Africa
Graduate of Harvard
Financial Crisis - payment of balance crisis

Right people in the right place
Largest economy? Not quite
US China Japan or India
We'll be among the largest ecnomies in the world.
Per capita income - Nominal
US 30,000
China 1000
India 700
Per capita on the basis of PPP
how much a rupee can buy in the domestic market
physical infrastructure not as as good as china

But financial infrastructure better in regulation, insurance, central banking etc.
7-8% Grwoth
Drinking water
Germany doesn't need to add capacity of generating electricity even by 1 KW - They are self sufficient.

But India needs to add 10,000 MW every year
It is china and India
I hope it is never Cina VS India
There are enough capitals to contribute for both countries
Human resources are outstanding
2.5 million every year graduate
only large country in the world where the size of the working age population will continue to grow for the next 20 years
economist describe it as demographic dividend.

but that is not enough....
key is investment towatds building infrastructure.
poverty cannot be abolished by waving a magic wand not bt slogans...but only by addresing the problems of poverty
income poverty needs jobs, infrastructure, investment in both social and physical structure.
Reforms...India is a democracy we have to include every point of view.
Economic reforms....not just

Real reform is to take the beneifit of economic growth to the roads, housing, leisure, healthcare to people