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National Road
First major improved highway in the U.S. and was built by the Federal Government
Erie Canal
Helped in linking the economies of western farms and eastern cities; stimulated economic growth; lower food prices in the East, more immigrants settleing in the West; stronger economic ties
Adam-Onis Treaty
treaty in which Spain ceded Florida and claims to Oregon if the U.S. gives up claims to Texas
Monroe Doctrine
document whose two principles included non colonization and non intervention as a warning to the European powers
Noah Webster
Created the dictionary
Washington Irving
an American author of the early 19th century; Sleepy Hollow + Tom Sawyer; "Knickerboxer"
James Fenimore Cooper
Popular writer; novelist
precursor of the modern-day Democratic Party, was one of two major American political parties in the early history of the United States. Founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, it lasted from 1792 to 1824;opposed Alexander Hamilton's fiscal policies; Antifeds;
Politicians who supported Adams; Henry CLay was one of them
Trail of Tears
action when Van Buren kicked the Indians to Oklahoma
Spoils System
name of the system in which high positioned people hire their peers to work for them as a reward to serving them
Maysville Road Veto
bill Jackson vetoed that dealt with the blow to the American System
Tariff of Abominations
concerned with pushing duties high on certain items?;Imposed heavy tax on raw materials
Webster-Hayne Debate
Hayne attacked the Foot Resolution and labeled the Northeasterners as selfish and unprincipled for their support of protectionism and conservative land policies. Webster broadened the debate by examining the Southern positions on states’ rights in general and nullification in particular
Independent Treasury Act
passed in 1840, removed the federal government from involvement with the nation's banking system by establishing federal depositories for public funds instead of keeping the money in national, state, or private banks. The act was proposed by President Martin Van Buren in 1837