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Most famous work is "The Scarlet Letter"
Nathaniel Hawthorne
“in truth the heart of many an ordinary man perchance he could not read” on Emersonian ideas
Nathaniel Hawthorne
precursor to the French symbolists
Edgar Allan Poe
Founded the North Star
Frederick Douglas
"A Romantic Of The Future"
Walt Whitman
Wrote 2,000 poems, published 12
Emily Dickinson
3 categories of Emily Dickinson's poetry
-Metaphysical questions - Observations of nature
- Philosophical analysis
golddigger of Daisy Miller
wants his works to be a “substitute for nature (or reality)”
Stephen Crane
"The Open Boat"
Stephen Crane
When was the Depression
opposite of fascism
renovation of past, attempt to create a new reality
Reasons people left for Europe
escape racism, industrialization, materialism, boom market, thought US to be stuffy
Two types of poem
lyric and blank verse
inspired "The Road Not Taken"
indecisive Edward Thomas
experiments with language
Sherwood Anderson
"Winesburg, Ohio"
Sherwood Anderson
attempt to capture the african american experience
"Cane" by Jean Toomer
influenced Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Henry James
Made Francis Fitzgerald rich
"The Romantic Egoist"
generally regarded as greatest 20th C writer
fictional place created by Faulkner
Yoknapatawpha County
"There's a certain slant of light."
Emily Dickinson
“I prefer weak tea.”
Daisy Miller
“No one could see the sky”
Stephen Crane
Walt Whitman
"You have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man."”
Frederick Douglas
display of virtuosity or “tour de force”
"As I Lay
most famous writer of his time
Ernest Hemmingway
medic/driver in WWI
Ernest Hemmingway
Made Hemmingway famous
"The Sun Also Rises"
1993 First African American Nobel Prize Winner
Toni Morrison
break out novel for Toni Morrison
"Song of Solomon"
What story did Toni Morrison win a pulitzer prize for?
uses tightly metered lines and turns them into incredibly evocative poems
- poems are about loss (father died, mother crazy) and travel
Elizabeth Bishop
- published under 100 poems in her life
Elizabeth Bishop
2 works: “North & South” “Geography 3”
Elizabeth Bishop
. “A work of art is not a fragment of their life”.
Edgar Allan Poe
Why was learning to read good and bad for Frederick Douglas.
Good = he can read. Bad = showed him how bad slavery is.
like Thoreau he had a better reputation after death.
Herman Melville
-influenced Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Beat Poets(Allen Ginsburg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
-noted for his free verse
Walt Whitman
“I would prefer not to”
"Barnaby The Scrivener"
she’s very reclusive, she dressed only in white and her neighbors thought she was eccentric, rebelled against convention and the world she was born in to. Her family was puritans. Like Hawthorne hated his frozen purgatory. She went to school as female seminary.
Emily Dickinson
He is a naturalist (Naturalism), his life was short due to tuberculosis
Stephen Crane