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The viral STIs are
Hepatitis B
HELLP Syndrome can be described as:
Hemolysis, ELevated liver enzymes, Low Platelets, Associated with Preeclampsia and Eclampsia
which women are most likely t suffer from Mastitis?
A breastfeeding wm more than a week postpartum
A wandering baseline FHT is associated with which of the following?
Impending fetal demise
Describe the nrml uterine contraction pattern
Contraction of longer and stronger duration in the fundus to minimal or non existent toward the cervix
A newborn under your care is exhibiting symptoms of hypoglycemia so you decide to perform a heel stick on the infant to determine his glucose level. GLucose level tests at 42 mg/dl. What is the MOST appropriate action to take.?
Attempt to get the newborn to feed and repeat the glucose test in 30 min.
Which f the following changes in cervical mucus signals "peak day" in the menstrual cycle during which ovulation is most likely to occur.
The last day during which the cervical mucus is clear, slippery and stretchy.
At which of the following times is maternal cardiac output highest?
Immediate postpartum
Which of the following is NOT an indication for AROM during first stage of labor?
To speed up normal labor.
What is chloasma?
AKA the "mask of pregnancy" discoloration of the skin, most usually in dark skinned women.
If a fetus suffers from malnutrition during the time f defelpment when cells are increasing in number, then the damage suffered by the fetus is BEST characterized as which of the following?
Birth of the head occurs through which of the following mechanisms fr an occiput-posterior delivery?
FLexion then extension
Where is the uterine fundus normally palpated in the immediate pstpartum period, (after delivery of the placenta)?
Approximately two-thirds of the way between the symphysis pubis and the umbilicus.
What is a lamda FHT pattern?
It is a benign pattern associated with both cord compression and fetal movement in which anb acceleratin is followed immediately by a deceleration, irrespective of the timing of the decel. Not associated with adverse outcome.
Describe early decel.
Vagal nerve response to head compression. Usually not below 100 bpm- mirrors contraction.
What causes a late decel?
Utero-placental insufficiency
What causes variable decels
late in labor, cord compression
The sex of the fetus is discernable by how many weeks?
14 weeks gestational age by LMP
Maternal exhaustion
ketoacidosis, blood becomes acidic, during labr, clinical exhaustion, nutrition immediately.
ketone uria
elevated temp
elevated pulse
A 24-year old woman has been exposed to rubella at work. she is currently 27 weeks. she is rubella non-immune. what is Most appropriate action?
Obtain a blood specimin to test for IgG and IgM antibody titers and consult with phys.
according to Friedman's curve what is the average length of second stage for multiparas
30 min
what is responsible physiologically in the fetal circulation upon birth that is MOST directly respnonsible for the closure of the ductus arteriosus.
increase in oxygen levels in the blood.
define hypoxemia
decreased O2 in the blood
MOST common cause of uterine subinvolution
retained placental fragments
describe multigravida's cervix (average) at the start of true labor
little or no effacement, 1-2 centimeters or more dilation
smallest pelvic diameter the baby has to pass thru?
the interspinous diameter
How long for newborn to regain its birth weight
10 days
Most accurate definition of Prolonged ROM
rupture more than 24 hours before delivery
placenta, what does it look like if the mom has had severe chronic hypertension?
extensive infarction of entire cotyledons.