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Naturalist associated with the belief that emotional behaviors are inborn.
Charles Darwin
Who did research on the emotions of the "Fore" in Papua New Guinea?
Freisen and Eckman.
Who performed a meta-analysis study on the perception of emotion? they found that people of their own racial group recognized emotions more easily within that group.
Elfenbein and Amaday.
Who purposed secondary emotions/emotional blends. i.e. Love = Joy + Trust.
Who came up with the 6 original universal emotions (1984) and added 4 more to the list in 2003.
Paul Eckman
Who wrote the "Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals"?
Charles Darwin
Who proposed the opponent Process Theory of Emotion?
Richard Solomon
Who performed the study of facial expressions causing emotion (facial feedback hypothesis) in college students using pencils?
Strack (and colleagues)
Who named part of the brain the limbic system?
Paul MacLean
Who conducted important work showing that the amgydala is central to emotional learning?
Joseph LeDoux
Cerebral Assymetry.
What part of the brain is the last part to anatomically mature?
prefrontal cortex.
"Parents play an important role in shaping their child's emotional intelligence and control."
"Neither age nor sex is correlated with happiness."
Published a meta-analytic study showing that the correlation pbetween personality and happiness is fairly weak.
DeNeve and Cooper.