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Where do penguins live?
Icy areas.
What makes people happy?
1. love
2. relaxing
3. jokes
4. having fun
5. giving
What are fun things to do in the summer?
2. play
3. go to the beach
4. go to the movies
5. stay up late
Name something that a dog likes to do.
1. sleep
2. eat
3. bark
4. protect
5. love their master
Name parts of the universe.
Planets, moons, sun, stars, galaxies...
Name things that are in the sky at night.
1. stars
2. moon
3. clouds
4. airplanes
5. owls & bats
Name parts of the world.
1. continents
2. oceans
3. land
4 mountains
5. lakes
What do you call a hot penguin?
A flaming penguin.
What famous song does Mary Poppins sing?