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According to Chapter 13 what 3 systems interact to produce pain.
Name the two pathways and one system that are responsible for the sensation and perception of pain
Afferent pathway
Efferent pathway
What is the term for a "Pain Receptor".
Nociceptor - what is the definition
Name two Nociceptors (that are corpuscles)
Meissner corpuscle
Pacinian corpuscle
Which pain receptor is located just under the epidermis.
Meissner corpuscle
Which pain receptor is located in deep tissues, muscles, tendons, and subcutaneous tissue.
Pacinian corpuscle
Which pathway are the nociceptors associated with?
The Afferent pathway
In the "Gate control theory" name the two fibers and their associated size.
Large A fibers
small C fibers
What does endorphin stand for?
Endogenous Morphines
What do endorphins do?
they inhibit the transmission of pain impulses in teh spinal cord and brain.
Where do endorphins attach or interact to cause the inhibition of pain impulses?
Endorphins attach to Opiate Receptors on the plasma membrane of the afferent neuron.
When endorphins attach to Opiate Receptors on the plasma membrane of the afferent neuron, what happens?
this inhibits the release of neurotransmitters.
Acute pain can be classified in what 3 categories?
Chronic pain is usually defined as lasting at least...?
3 to 6 months
Define pain threshold.
The lowest intensity at which a stimulus is perceived as pain.
Define pain tolerance.
The amount of time or intensity of pain that an individual will endure before initiating overt pain responses.