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Name the 5 vesicles developed from neural tube closure caudal to rostral & their contents.

What part of the neural tube becomes the ventricular system?
1)Rhombencephalon(Hindbrain)=>Myelencephalon(Medula) & Metencephalon(Pons & Cerebellum)
3)Prosencephalon(Forebrain)=> Diencephalon(Thalmus, Hypothalamus, Retina) & Telencephalon (Cerebral Cortex, Basal Ganglia, Olfactory Bulb)

The neural canal
What components make up the brain stem?
Medulla, Pons, & Midbrain
Name the pathway of CSF production & flow.
Choroid plexus=>Lateral ventricles=>Interventricular foramen=>III ventricle=>Cerebral Aqueduct=>IV ventricle=>Lateral or Median aperture=>subarachnoid space=>arachnoid granulations=>Dural venous sinus(superior sagittal sinus) =>CSF empties directly into the venous system
Name the areas of the brain associated with the following ventricles:
1) Lateral ventricles
2) Third ventricle
3) Cerebral aqueduct
4) Fourth ventricle
1) Cerebral hemispheres
2) Thalamus & Hypothalamus
3) Midbrain (mesencephalon)
4) Pons, Medulla, & Cerebellum
What is a Cistern?
What are the communications between ventricles & subarachnoid space in the medulla?
Pools of CSF
Lateral Aperture = Foramen of Lushka
Median Aperture = Foramen of Magendie
Name the different types of obstructions in CSF flow.

What clinical problem results?
Non-communicating: block in ventricular system

Communicating: block in subarachnoid space or granulations

Produce hydrocephalus
Name the coverings of the brain from exterior to interior.
Dura mater(brain & spinal cord)=>Arachnoid mater=>Pia mater
Name the spaces in the Meninges, which structures blood fills between, & the common vessels to be ruptured.
Epidural space: Blood fills between skull & dura (Middle meningial artery)
Subdural space: Blood fills between dura & arachnoid mater (Bridging veins)
Subarachnoid space:Blood fills between arachnoid & pia mater (Middle cerebral artery)
Histology of Nervous system

What are the ER of neurons called in a special stain?
What structure produces CSF?
Which cells line the ventricles?
Nissl bodies
Choroid plexus
Ependymal cells