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First there was
Chaos gave birth to
Night and Erebus (depth where death dwells)
Who were chaos's children
eberus and night
Who were love's parents
Erebus and Night
Whom did Love create?
Light and radiant Day. After which earth appeared
Who did earth bear first?
Roman name for Mother Earth and Father Heaven.
Gaea, Ouranos
Father Heaven
Mother Earth
Name the races of monsters Mother Earth(Gaea) and Father Heaven(Ouranos) created.
Fifty Heads and 100 hands, Cyclops, Titans, Giants.
Who healped mother earth(Gaea) free the first race of monters that Father Heaven(Ouranos) imprisoned?
Cronus (Saturn)
Who sprung from the blood of father Heaven(Ouranos) after Titan Cronus(Saturn) killed him?
Furies(Erinyes) and the Giants
Who rebeled against Titan Cronus?
Zeus, who onlky got the chance because his mother sent him to Crete so he wouldn't get eaten by his father.
Cronus's wife?
Why did Zeus beat the Titans?
Zeus called on the first race who had thunder lightning and earthquake
Titan Iapetus ided with Zeus. What happened to his brother Atlas?
Bear the burden of the earth on hi shoulders.
Last child of earth?
Who led the two rebellions against Zeus?
Typhon and the Giants. After which the world was cleared of monsters
Where was the only land with endless night?
where the Cimmerians lived
Two titan brothers whom the task of creation was left to.
Prometheus(forethought), and Epimetheus (afterthought)
How did Epimetheus me up?
Thought quickly and gave all the strength, courage, cunnin, fus, feathers, and wing, to the animals, leaving nothing.
How did Prometheus help out his brother?
Fashioned men upright like the gods
The 3 stories of creation.
1) Prometheus and Epimethus.
2)The five ages
3) The flood- Zeu destroyed the stone age as anticipated, Promethu aved Deucalion and Pyrrha, and the stone people were created.
List the races of the gods
golden race, ilver, brass, godlike heroes, iron
golden race
first race of the gods
did not experience sorrow
rich in flocks and crops
upon death became pure spirits
silver race
little intelligence and as a result injured eachother
spirits did not live on
brass race
lovers of war
detroyed themselves
goldlike hero
fought glorious wars
departed to the ile of the blesed
iron race
last race
never have rest from toil and sorrow
become wicked with every generation
zeus will destroy themall eventually when all worship power
The first mortal woman, who from her came the race of women all evil to men
Why did Zeus create Pandora?
To get back at Prometheus by gettin back on mankind. he would be evil for men.
Pandora's box
Box with all the evil harmful things, gave it to Pandora who had married Epimetheus and he opened it.