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What does Dichotomy #1, Introvert/Extrovert measure?
Dichotomy #1 measures how you get your energy.
What does Dichotomy #2, Sensing/Intuition measure?
Dichotomy #2 measures how one takes in information.
What does Dichotomy #3 measure?
Dichotomy #3 measures how you make decisions.
What does Dichotomy #4 measure?
Dichotomy #4 measures how you organize your life.
What is an Introvert?
Gains their energy from being alone in thought.
What is an Extrovert?
Gains energy from being around people and action.
What is Sensing?
Relying on your five senses, and oriented.
What is Intuition?
Follows their gut instinct.
Making decisions based on objective analysis.
Making decisions based on subjective analysis.
Organized and efficient. Product oriented, change is hard.
Go with the flow. Creative, process oriented, procrastinators.
Myers- Briggs Type Indicator
A pair of opposites.
What is subject of analysis?
Where the feeling of the individual taking part in the analysis process determines the outcome.
Objective Analysis?
Seeking to evaluate based upon relevant facts, regardless of feelings.
The Swiss psychiatrist?
Carl Jung.