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wucheria bancrofti, brugia malayi, brugia timori (filariasis)
periorbital edema
trichinella spiralis
mosquito bite
wucheria bancrofti, brugia malayi, brugia timori (filariasis); -> elephantiasis
black fly bite
onchocerca volvulus
blindness associated with fast-moving streams
onchocerca volvulus
most common helminth worldwide
ascaris lumbricoides
hydatid cyst
echinococcus granulosis
most common helminth in the US
enterobius vermicularis (pinworm)
endemic in TN; larvae in soil penetrate skin
strongyloides stercoralis
biliary inflammation, scarring, obstruction; no eosinophilia
clonorchis and opistorchis (liver flukes); from undercooked fish -> duodenum -> ampulla of Vater -> eggs in stool -> invade snails -> mature and then penetrate skin of fish;
"ground itch" and anemia
ancylostoma and necator (hookworm)
perianal pruritus
enterobius vermicularis (pinworm)
symmetrical liver mass
echinococcus granulosis
dogs are the definitive hosts
echinococcus granulosis (hydatid cyst disease)
ingestion of poorly cooked beef muscle
taenia saginata
intestinal and biliary obstruction; eosinophilia
ascaris lumbricoides (giant roundworm)
Gram-negative sepsis and meningitis
strongyloides stercoralis
undercooked fish
clonorchis and opistorchis (liver flukes)
undercooked pork
taenia solia
undercooked beef
taenia saginata
encysted larvae in undercooked meat -> excystation and development in intestine -> release of larvae -> migration to skeletal muscle
trichinella spiralis
(widely distributed in carnivorous animals, including US)
ova ingested -> adults in cecum -> come out to perianal region at night to lay eggs
enterobius vermicularis (pinworm; US)
ingest food contamined by eggs, larvae hatch in intestine, invade tissues and encyst as fluid-filled sac
taenia solium (pork tapeworm)
ova ingested -> break walls of intestine -> veins -> lungs -> small intestine -> ova in stool
ascaris (giant roundworm)
(tropical, subtropical)
undercooked fish -> bile duct -> snail -> fish
opistorchis and clonorchis (liver flukes; not in US; China/Asia/Russia)
blackfly bite -> superficial CT
onchocerca volvulus
(not in US; Africa, fast streams)
larvae pentrate skin -> veins -> lungs -> hatch in small intestine -> release ova that either (a) hatch & invade again or (b) pass in stool
strongyloides stercoralis
(endemic in TN)
larvae from snail penetrate skin in fresh water -> liver -> portal vessels -> either (a) GI or (b) bladder
schistosomiasis (blood fluke)
(travellers can bring to US)
larvae penetrate skin -> veins -> lungs -> upper small intestine -> eggs passed in stool
ancylostoma duodenale and necator americanus (hookworm)
mosquito bite -> lymphatics -> blood
filiarisis (wucheria, brugia)
(not in US; tropics/subtropics)
eat food contamined by eggs -> hatch -> mesenteric vessels -> liver & lungs
echinococcus granulosis (hydatid cyst)