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Describe the Dorians
*uncivilized people
*Possessing non of the skills and craftsmanship of the Myceneans or Minoans
*Farmers rather than traders
*had no written language
Describe the Dark Ages
*A time where civilization began to decline
*lasted from about 1100 B.C. to 800 B.C.
What caused the ened of the Mycenean civilization?
*at the peak of power the Myceneans suddenly disappeared from history
*The greeks belive the myceneans were overrun by the dorians
*Dorians were not interested in the mycenean cities and chose to live in small, tribal, agricultural groups therefore all mycenean cities were abandoned
*Poor harvests, food shortages and eventually famine
*some may have been destroyed bye earthquakes while others by enemies
Describe a typical Mycenean settlement
*lived in small kingdoms each with own cities
*cities built on areas of high ground, surrounded by man made walls for easy defense
*Acropolis contained a royal palace, houses for courtiers, soldiers and craftsmen
*Palace was not just a royal residence - it was also a military headquarters a administrative centres from which the government was run
*palaces had large central courtyards and a large hall called a megaron where the king held a court and conducted states business
Evidence that the Myceneans were war-like
*king was also a warlord
*Mycenean society was constantly geared for battle and invasion
*Myceneans were not only defensive - but they actively went looking for trouble
*conquered and invaded troy and Minoans
*Cities were build high up on hills for good defense
*Their lack of resources and need to obtain goods from other lands may have led them to a life of incasion and conquest.
*possible warlike nature caused fighting amoungst own colonies