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to face, to look out upon, to overlook
dar a
to make known
dar a conocer
to stumble upon, find, run into
dar con
to wind
dar cuerda a
to shout, scream
dar gritos
to strike (the hour)
dar la hora
to thank
dar las gracias
to give regards (to)
dar recuerdos
to hug
dar un abrazo
to take a walk
dar un paseo
to take a walk, a stroll
dar una vuelta
to be all the same to
darle igual a
to be all the same, make no difference to
darle lo mismo a
to realize
darse cuenta de (que)
to shake hands
darse la mano
to hurry
darse prisa
to mail (a letter, etc.)
echar (thing) al correo
to miss
echar de menos
to blame
echar la culpa
to spoil, ruin
echarse a perder
to burst out laughing
echarse a reir
to boast of being
echarselas de
there is moon
hay luna
it is foggy
hay neblina
it is dusty
hay polvo
to mind, pay attention, listen to
hacer caso
to pay attention
hacer(le) caso
to harm, hurt (oneself)
hacer(se) dano
to damage, to harm
hacer(le) dano a
to play the role of
hacer el papel de
to need, to be lacking
hacer falta
to emphasize
hacer hincapie
to brake into pieces
hacer pedazos
to inform, to let someone know
hacer saber
to take a trip, to go in a trip
hacer un viaje
to ask a question
hacer una pregunta
to pay a visit
hacer una visita
to become (through one's efforts)
hacerse + noun
to take charge of
hacerse cargo de
to get late
hacerse tarde
it is good (bad) weather
hace buen (mal) tiempo
it is hot
hace calor
it is cool
hace fresco
it is cold
hace frio
it is windy
hace viento
to irritate, to get on someone's nerves
sacar de quicio
to take a picture
sacar una foto(grafia)
to get a grade (on a paper or assignment)
sacar una nota
to look good (bad)
tener buena (mala) cara
to be calm
tener calma
to be hot (cold)
tener calor (frio)
to look like
tener cara de
to be jealous (of)
tener celos (de)
to be careful
tener cuidado
to have a desire to
tener deseos de
to have a (headache, toothache, etc.)
tener dolor de
to be envious
tener envidia
to be successful
tener exito
to feel like, to have an urge to
tener ganas de
to be hungry
tener hambre
to be to blame for
tener la culpa de
to have the floor
tener la palabra
to take place
tener lugar
to be afraid of
tener miedo de
to be in a hurry
tener prisa
to have to do with
tener que ver con
to be right
tener razon
to be thirsty
tener sed
to be sleepy
tener sueno
to be lucky
tener suerte
to be ashamed of
tener verguenza de
to be...years old
volver a + infinitive
to regain consciousness
volver en si
to realize
caer en cuenta
to be well (unfavorably) received
caerle bien/mal a
to drop dead
caerse muerto
to fulfill one's duty
cumplir con su deber
to keep one's word
cumplir con su palabra
to be...years old
to learn by heart
aprender de memoria
to rely on
contar con
to drop
dejar caer
to stop kidding
dejarse de bromas
to sleep like a log
dormir a pierna suelta
to shrug one's shoulders
encongerse de hombros
to be fed up with
estar harto de
to have to
haber de
to carry out, to accomplish, to finish
llevar a cabo
to be on good (bad) terms with, to get (not get) along with
llevarse bien (mal) con
there is no question/room for doubt about
no cabe duda
it can't be helped
no hay remedio
it doesn't matter
no importa
to hear that
oir decir que
to hear (tell) of
oir hablar de
to pay cash
pagar al contado/en efectivo
it's hard to believe
parece mentira
to borrow
pedir prestado
to lose sight (of)
perder de vista
to agree
ponerse de acuerdo
to be one's turn
tocarle a uno
to pull someone's leg
tomarle el pelo a
to be worhtwhile, to be worth the trouble
valer la pena
because of
a causa de
a ciegas
about, around (+time of day)
a eso de
in order that, so that
a fin de que + subjunctive
toward the end
a fines de
a fondo
rapidly, on the run
a la carrera
at the same time
a la vez
a lo largo de
far away, in the distance
a lo lejos
probably, when least expected
a lo mejor
at the latest
a mas tarde
as, at the same time as, while
a medida que
a menos que + subjunctive
a menudo
in my (your, his/her , etc)opinion
a mi (tu, su, etc) parecer
from...on, starting on...
a partir de
a pesar de
on foot
a pie
at the beginning of, early in
a principios de
by the way
a proposito
alone, by oneself
a solas
on time
a tiempo
a traves de
at the last minute
a ultima hora
a veces
let's see
a ver
in agreement
de acuerdo
de antemano
in a good (bad) mood
de buen (mal) humor
willingly (unwillingly)
de buena (mala) gana
in this manner, in this way
de esta manera
all at once, suddenly
de golpe
henceforth, from now on
de hoy en adelante
so that, in such way that
de manera que
by heart
de memoria
in style, fashionable
de moda
by no means
de ningun modo
by no means, absolutely not
de ninguna manera
again, anew
de nuevo
in another way
de otra manera
otherwise, or else
de otro modo
wide open
de par en par
standing on one's foot
de pie
hurriedly, in a hurry
de prisa
suddenly, all of a sudden
de pronto
askance, out of the corner of one's eye
de reojo
suddenly, all of a sudden
de repente
one one's knees
de rodillas
over and above
de sobra
at any rate, anyway
de todos modos
in the latest style
de ultima moda
really, truly, honestly
de veras
from time to time
de vez en cuando
in vain
en balde
in jest
en broma
in search of
en busca de
on the other hand
en cambio
at home
en casa
as for, in regard to
en cuanto a
as a matter of fact, indeed, in fact, really
en efecto
en el acto
in short
en fin
in place of, instead of
en lugar de
in the middle of
en medio de
sharp, on the dot
en punto
in short
en resumidas cuentas
immediately, at once
en seguida
en serio
instead of
en vez de
in a loud (low) voice
en voz alta (baja)
for now, for the moment, at the moment
por ahora
by chance, by any chance
por casualidad
consequently, therefore
por consiguiente
por desgracia
for example
por ejemplo
in writing
por escrito
therefore, that's why, because of
por eso
por favor
por fin
generally, usually
por lo general
at least
por lo menos
por lo tanto
por lo visto
no matter how much
por mas que
on the other hand
por otro lado
por poco
of course, naturally
por supuesto
por todas partes
undoubtedly, without a doubt
sin duda
however, nevertheless
sin embargo
at once, immediately, right away
ahora mismo
at the end (of)
al cabo (de)
al contado
apparently, seemingly
al parecer
al por mayor
al por menor
upside down, inside out, backwards
al reves
alrededor de
with pleasure
con mucho gusto
as soon as possible
cuanto antes
de antemano
of course
desde luego
that is to say
es decir
to be about to
estar a punto de
to be back
estar de vuelta
to be in love with
estar enamorado(a) de
to be sky high
estar por las nubes
up until now
hasta la fecha
to rain cats and dogs
llover a cantaros
rather, in other words
mejor dicho
mientras tanto
not even
ni siquiera
again, once more
otra vez
to have a good time
pasarlo bien
poco a poco
safe and sound
sano y salvo
so much better
tanto mejor
to waste (one's) time
perder el tiempo