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1. You are the network administrator for A Windows Server 2003 computer is configured as a print server for a print device that has a built-in network interface. Users of the print device report that they cannot print to it.
You confirm that the correct IP address and drivers are being used. You suspect that there is a problem with the MAC to IP address resolution on the print server.
You want to find out which MAC address the print jobs are being sent to.
Which command should you run on the print server?
2. You are the network administrator for The network consists of a single Active Directory domain named and a single subnet. All servers run Windows Server 2003. The network contains 150 client computers and 16 servers. Al computers on the network use the address scheme.
Dr King, your manager, instructs you to place the 16 servers into a separate subnet that uses the 192.168.10 public addressing scheme. You must plan for a maximum of 30 servers in the future.
You need to configure a new subnet mask. The subnet mask must allow a sufficient number of IP addresses for the existing servers and future growth. However, you want to conserve addresses as much as possible.
Which subnet mask should you use?
3. You are the network administrator for at the Mumbai office of The network contains a Windows Server 2003 computer named TestKing5.
TestKing5 is a critical file server. TestKing5 is configured with a DHCP client reservation. Users can successfully download FTP documents from TestKing5.
The DHCP server fails. Users report that they cannot access resources on TestKing5.
You want to configure TestKing5 so that it is available even if it is unable to obtain or renew a lease from the DHCP server.
What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two. )
A. Configure a static IP address.
B. On the Alternate Configuration tab of the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties, configure IP settings.
You are the network administrator for The network consists of a single Active Directory domain named The network contains Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional computers.
A server named TestKingS is configured as a DHCP server and has been authorized. The Telnet service is started on TestKingS.
You discover that the DHCP Server service on TestKingD has stopped providing IP addresses to DHCP client computers on the network. You log to a client computer named TestKing1. The administrative tools are installed on TestKing1. You open the DHCP console and attempt to connect to TestKingD. You receive the following error message: "Cannot find the DHCP Server." You are able to connect to TestKingD by running the ping command.
You need to ensure that you can connect to the DHCP Server service on TestKingD by using the DHCP console.
What should you do on TestKing1?
Establish a Telnet session to TestKingD. Run the net start dhcpserver command.
Your network computers are turned on for the first time after a power outage. When a DNS client first submits a recursive query to a local DNS server to resolve an Internet name for which the server is not authoritative, which step takes place first?
The DNS server contacts root servers configured in the Cache.dns file.