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What infection is this?
Tinea Versicolor
-Malassezia furfur
What is the treatment?
Miconazole, Selenium
A patient present with granulomatous formations.
He is suspected of having TB
- Captains Wheel appearance
- Mimics TB!!
Which fungus is both psesudohyphae and germ tube?
Candida Albicans
20c- Yeast/pseudohyphae
37c- Germ tubes
How is candida transmitted?
Inhaled spores (this is a theme w/ fungi)
What are the systemic mycoses?
Which fungi are mold in the soil and yeast in the tissue?

Which is the exception?

The exception is Coccidiomycosis (remember the cocci- remain spherical in tissue)
What fungi cause this lesion?
Tinea Corpis
-Dogs are the resrvoir
-Microsporum/Trichophyton/ Epidermophyton are responsible pathogens
Cigar shaped budding yeast with pus.

Whats the DX and TX?
Sporothrix shenkii

Tx- Itracanazole, KI
What is the CD4+ count in this patient?
<200 cell/mL

Pneumocystisis Jiroveci in HIV patients
What infections is this
-Note the hyphae are NOT SEPTATED
-WIDE angel branching
-Same for Rhizo sp.
Ptnt presents with vulvovainitis.
She had pneumonia 1 wk ago - TX w/ AB
Whats the DX?
Candida infection
On MRI a soap bubble lesion is found in the brain

What pathogen is responsible?
Cryptococcus neoformans

Yeast with halo
-Stain with India Ink