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What is a furthur subdivision of a play?
An Act.
What is a furthur subdivision of an act?
A scene
What is a play that ends happily?
A comedy
What is dialogue?
The conversation of the characters in the play.
What is a play that ends unhappily?
A tragedy.
What is a play designed to arouse intense emotion by exaggeration and fast-moving action?
A melodrama
What is the hero or leading character whom which the audience sympathizes often called?
The protagonist
Who opposes or competes with the protagonist?
The antagonist
What are properties?
all of the stage furnishings
What is pantomime?
actions without words or props
What is atmosphere?
the mood or feeling
What is the important central idea presented by the play
The theme
What is the chain of events that make up the play
the plot
What is farce?
a highly exaggerated humorous play or skit
What is the reason for characters beliefs or actions
What is stage left
left of the stage from the actors point of view
What is stage right
right of the stage from actors point of view
What is the area of the stage AWAY from the footlights
what is the area of the stage CLOSE to the footlights
What is an actor
a person whose function it is to communicate words and emotions to an audience, he/she assumes personality of character
what is the audience
those who view the play. they should be responsive to the action and mood that the actors portray.