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the science dealing with the functions of the body parts is called
the science dealing with the structure of the body parts is called
the level of organization when different tissues join together is called
group of related organs that have a common function
organ system
the sterum is __________ to the heart
the plane that divides the body into a superior and inferior portion is the
transverse OR horizontal OR cross-sectional
the anatomical term which best describes a structure toward the head is
superior OR cephalic
in the anatomical position, the ring finger is ___________ to the little finger
the anatomical term for navel is
name the nine abdominopelvic regions
right hypochondriac
left hypochondriac
right lumbar
left lumbar
right inguial (iliac)
left inguial (iliac)
the science that deals with the abnormal conditions and structural and functional changes that diseases produce
in the anatomical position the subject is positioned
standing with feet together, arms at the sides with the palms facing out
the plane that divides the body into unequal left and right portions
the four basic tissue types
muscle, connective, epithelium, nervous
the plasma membrane consists of
phosopholipid bi-layer containing steriods, proteins and carbohydrates
a red blood cell placed in a hypotonic solution will
absorb water,swell and potentially burst
an isotonic solution for human red blood cells is
8.5-9% saline
pinocytosis and phagocytosis involve tructural changes in the
cell membrane (plasma membrane)
certain white blood cells can destroy bacteria by the process of
chromatin is found in the
the packaging and sorting of proteins is the function of the
golgi apparatus (body, complex)
steriod synthesis is the function of the
smooth endoplasmic reticulum
protein synthesis can occur in structures attached to what organelle
rough endoplasmic reticulum
protein synthesis can occure in what structure
what organelle is considered the "powerhouses" of the cell
what makes up the cytoskeleton
microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments
the structure located near the nucleus, made of two cylindrical structures composed of clusters of microtubules is the
what tissue is always avascular
the tissue lining body cavities is called
goblet cells are found in which of the following tissues
a type of epithelium consisting of a simgle layer of flat cells which allow diffusion to occur is called
simple squamous
what tissue is often ciliated
the different types of pithelia are named according to their
shapes and layers
epithelium that appears to have several layers of cells but actually has only one, is classified as
pseudostratified columnar
what cells can be found in connective tissue
fibroblasts, macrophages, MAST cells, adipose cells, plasma cells, leukocytes, erythrocytes
a basement membrane is always present in what tissues
epithelial and connective
the slippery, viscous substance that binds cells together and lubricates joints
hylaronic acid
what category of tissue does cartilage belong
a type of connective tissue containing both chondrocytes and elastic fibers
elastic cartilage connective tissue
the skin belongs to what organ system
integumentary system
the outermost portion of the skin is the
the cells producing the pigment responsible for skin color
the layer of the epidermis only found in the thick skin of areas as the fingertips, palms and soles
stratum lucidum
the base of a hair follicle is enlarged into an onion-shaped structure called
the bundle of smooth muscles associated with each hair follicle is
arrector pili
the glands usually associated with hair follicles
sebaceous and apocrine
the most common form of skin cancer
basal cell carcinoma
hair and skin color depend on
where are the melanocytes found
stratum basale
melignant melanoma is a life-threatening type of skin cancer that arises from unregulated growth and division of
a buene that penetrates through the entire epidermis and some of the dermis is a
2nd degree burn