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What is a white-key or diatonic pitch collection?
seven tones represented by letters A-B-C-D-E-F-G
What is frequency?
the number of complete vibrations or cycles per second produced by a sound
What is staff notation?
various lines and spaces of a four-line staff designated specific notes *five line staff, standar system for notating music
What is the grand staff?
the two clefs bracketed together
What is pitch class?
a note identified by its letter name, regardless of its position in a specific octave or register
What are the natural or white note pitch classes?
What is a half-step or semitone?
distance between any two adjacent keys
What is equal temperment?
each of the twelve half steps within the octave is exactly equal in size
What is chromatic scale?
twelve-note scale, including all the white keys and black keys of the piano
Sharp sign
raises the pitch of a note by one half step 1/2
Flat sign
lowers the pitch by one half step 1/2
Natural sign
cancels a previous sharp or flat
double sharp
(x) raises a note by two half steps or a whole step
Double flat
(bb) lowers a tone by two half steps, or a whole step
what is an enharmonic spelling?
the same pitch class- identical sounds written or spelled different ways
What is a dyad?
two pitches considered as a unit represent
what is an interval?
distance between the two pitches of a dyad
What is a melodic interval?
interval between two pitches sounded successively
What is a harmonic interval?
the interval between two notes sounded at the same time