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mughal dynasty years
era of great mughals?
ghenis khan?
11th/ 12 century
14th/ 15th century
akbar takes over in ?
Linguistic patrias:
states based on languages not ethnicity or religion.
what ultimately destroyed mughals?
The ability of moghul state to create bureacracy and administration to work an empire created middle class
Shah wali allah
1703-63, naqshbandi sufis, a jurist and a theologian. Afraid of lower non muslim classes rising up and supplanting muslim elite, need to reconstitute mughal empire somehow. But everyone ignores him. He also pushes for doctrinal ties to create single muslim culture instead of current fragmentation going on. lays foundation for modern fundamentalism.
colonialism and fundamentalists?
colonialism destroys other forms of authority leaving fundamentalists cause they weren't a threat
differences between porteguese and british/dutch
british dutch worked for companies, ports for the state
battle of buxar
end of rebellion started by ruler of bengal attacking british and then running off to oudh. mughal emp as pensioner
BEIC control all of s. asia by
permanant settlement
1793 under cornwallis, give land to revenue collectors, feudalism basically
three parts of reforms bt 1715-1858.
education: vernacular languages, financial: permanant settlemnt, legal: british law and religious codes
deobandi schools?
founded by followers of shah muhammad ismail who died in 1831. anti mystic, simplified single curiculum, use schools to undermine british instead of uprising which they had been part of
Sayyid ahmad khan
died 1898. wanted to integrate copericus and newton into islam
5 principles of Mutazilism:
1. reason is paramount is reinterpretation 2. Gods justice, leads to idea of ordered mechanical universe 3. God is transcendental, he's the clockmaker up above 4.. Idea of created quran, by god vs being eternally valid. This decides whether you must read it as aproduct of its time and spaces vs it being eternally correct
5. End of ideas: so he decides to found a school in aligarh, right down the road from deobandi, we will teach european phsycial sciences and multiple schools of islamic theology. His model does spread but not as much as deobandi.
converted geographic idea of india into idea of it as a nation.
muslim league
starts in 1906
lucknow pact
1916, INC and muslim league agree to act together