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Which band replaced their lead singer with a fan from a tribute band?
Judas Priest.
How was KISS guitarist Ace Frehley electrocuted during a concert?
He grabbed a metal rail..
What was shown in Faith No More's video "Epic" that offended the animal rights group PETA?
A fish flopping out of water
Alice in Chains filmed a famous episode of "Headbanger's Ball" at what type of location?
Water park
What band has an album with an infamous picture of their logo etched into a fan's arm?
What '80s hair metal band received attention in 1998 when they performed at a nudist camp?
Quiet Riot.
What song did Megadeth perform at a concert in Northern Ireland that started a riot?
Anarchy in Ireland
What year did Pantera release their first album?
Before donning the spandex for Ratt, What band did Juan Crocier play for?
Toni Basil Cheered her way through this 1980’s earworm
Who got Jenny's phone number, "867-5309" off the wall?
Tommy Tutone
Devo, wearing red flower pots on their heads cracked out this earworm tune
Whip it
You can knock this 1997 group down for creating the annoying earworm "Tubthumping" but they’ll get back up again!
Bob Dylan, 1966: "Everybody must get stoned"
Rainy Day Women
David Bowie, 1969: "Ground Control to Major Tom..."
Space Oddity
John Lennon, 1970: "Well, we all shine the moon and the stars and the sun"
Instant Karma
The artist is Kim Carnes. The title is '_____
____ Eyes'.
Bettie Davis
The artist is Tina Turner. The title is 'We Don't Need Another _____'.
The artist is Roxette. The title is 'It Must Have Been ____'.
The artist is Savage Garden. The title is 'The ____ Song'
The artist is Hot Chocolate. The title is 'You ___ Thing'
In the Blink 182 song, 'What's My Age Again?' They constantly talk about how 'nobody likes you when you are ___'. What goes in that blank?
An easy one to start. "Scuse me while I kiss the sky"?
all Along the Watchtower
"There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold"?
Stairway to Heaven
Mick Jagger says "Please allow me introduce myself" in which Rolling Stones song?
Sympathy for the Devil
Ozzy Osbourne told us about "Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses" in which early Black Sabbath classic?
War Pigs
"Gonna be a real fast talker, and have me a love affair."
Love in an Elevator
"He asked for a 13, but they drew a 31!"
Pretty Fly for a White Guy
"You got it, but are you getting it?"
Rock of Ages
"And if I stared too long, I'd probably break down and cry."
Sweet Child O Mine
"One day it's fine and next it's black."
Should I Stay or should I go