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What period is known as the organum period?
The Medievil period
What is the definition of an Aria?
An Aria is a song in Opera form (ABA)
What period was known as the age of chamber music?
The Classical Period
What is chamber music?
Chamber music is music for a small ensemble (2-8 performers)
What is an overature?
An overature is an instrumental introduction at the beginning of an opera.
What are the three parts of a Sonata Allegro?
Expostition, Development, Recapitulation
How many parts are there in a classical symphony?
There are 4 parts in a classical symphony
What is a melody?
Song, Theme, Coherent succession of single piches.
Who is the composer of the suprise symphony?
Joseph Hadyn
Beethoven (Dates)
(1770 - 1827)
How many symphonies did Beethoven compose?
The Ordinary of the mass has five movements, what are they?
Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Angus Dei
Who was the composer of the well tempered clavier?
Johan Sebastian Bach
Who was the composer of the Marriage Of Figaro?
Wolfganag Amadeus Mozart
What is a Concerto?
A Compostition for a solo instrument and an Orchestra.
In what country was the Tragedie Lyrique performed?
What was the period of the protestant reformeation?
(1517 - 1530)