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What is Jazz?
Performance and Improvisation
How does Jazz differ from classical?
Because of its emphasis on rhythm.
What do Jazz musicians do simultaneously?
compose and perform
When did Jazz begin?
About 1900
Where did Jazz begin?
New Oreleans
Who created Jazz?
Musically illiterate black americans
What is art music?
anything legit enought o be taught at schools
Classical and Jazz are considered?
art music
When did Jazz become popular?
1920-1940 between the wars
Why did Jazz become popular?
recording, invention of radio, sound in films
In the 1920s there were two types of popular music?
1)Music derived from European tradition
2)Music derived from African tradition
What are some examples of music derived from European tradition?
classical, folk, vaudeville
What are some examples of music derived from African tradition?
Jazz and Blues
Jazz and Blues can be said to be what?
Mid 19th century african american spirituals
WWI was?
a war of devastation
How many soldiers were killed in WWI?
9 million
In WWI there was new military technology such as?
the tank, gun, gas
The tank, gun and gas served as?
more efficient ways to kill
After WWI, _____became an escape and a positive outlike in their life.
The US and Canada experienced what in the 1920s?
a financial boom
What happened during the "roaring twenties"?
an artistic boom, experimentation in the arts
In the 1920s Jazz was considered?
popular music
The stock market crashed when?
The 1920s and 30s can be said to be?
polar opposites
In the 1930s Jazz went back to its?
In the 1930s jazz was?
well established
In the 1920s and 30s, there were 2 types of american culture?
1. black
2. white
Jazz pervaded _______ cultures.
Blues and Jazz decent to african tradiiton in what regards?
Blues is a combo of what?
rural slave songs and african folk tales
Blues music is inspired by?
disappointment, mistreatment
Blues lyrics express?
the feelings of words
Blues preformers developed?
slides and growls
What are the 2 types of Blues?
1) Classic
2) Delta
Who is the godfather of blues?
WC Handy
what is the standardized form for blues?
12 bar
Bessie Smith was a famous singer of what kind of music?
classic blues
Who primarily performed classic blues?
african american women accompanied by a piano or small combo
what is credited for blues sucess?
recording and sheet music
What are some traits of classic blues?
Improv on simple formula, syncopation, repition of short patterns, bent notes, call and response idea
Harmony comes from where?
european tradition
Where is delta blues from?
Mississippi Delta Region
Delta bues in rooted in _________tradition?
What are some characteristics of delta blues?
rough singing style, rich in timbre, rhytmically flexible, alternation between voice and guitar
Who primarily plays delta blues?
AA males who are playing with a guitar
Blues as we know it today is centered around?
Delta Blues
Who primarily preformed Jazz?
AA performers wtih brass instruments
Jazz has _________rhythms
In the 20's _____jazz was all the rage.
Jazz has a ________spirit towards _________musicians?
mocking, classical
What is the key to jazz?
NO jazz was the leading style after________?
Characteristic of NO jazz?
group variation, result melody in several melodic lines all played at same time
NO jazz became popular because of what?
music rivalry between creoles and AA's
NO Jazz movement in the 20s produced many _______people
Joe King Oliver
Black hornetist; made jazz immensely popular with white people
Louis Armstrong
Trumpet/scat singer; world wide famous
Jazz bands where divided how?
into front line (melodic) rhtyhm secion
scat singing is?
all about the pitches not the words
chorus is =
repition of 12 bars
Big Bands arrived when?
in the 1920s
What is the main purpose of jazz?
to dance
3 sections in big bands?
bass, reeds, rhythms
Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington and Count Bessie band
all famous jazz musicans
in 1930s a new style of musicians arrived?
composer and arranger and band member
2 types of jazz?
bebop, swing
bebop was created?
bebop extended into different types of music?
cool jazz and hard bop
Miles Davis played?
Miles Davis invented?
cool jazz
Cool jazz is different how?
softer timbre, relaxed pace, rhytmically subtle
cool jazz has an emphasis on who?
Hard Bop is dominated by
Hard bop has ____tunes
Kenny Clarke, Art blakely, max roach
are all famous drummers
miles davis pioneered what kind of jazz?
modal and cool
modal jazz is?
based on slow unfolding melodies, same harmony for a long period of time, experimental music
in the 1960s what style of jazz came about?
avant guard (free style)
who started avant guard?
ornette colman
Avant Guard differs how?
it has an innovative sound and improvistation is key and unlimited
who is the most famous avant guard?
john coltrane
1960s/70s jazz becomes classical music because?
people where intrested in the beginnings and not making it anymore
what are 2 types of art music?
classical and jazz
in 1950s jazz musicians gave way to R&B because they weren't interested in their ______
r&b always had a________unlike jazz
R&b characteristics?
new songs on old formulas, amplified instruments, repititive basslines, emphasis on back beat
What is a back beat?
emphasis on 2X4 notes
R&B became popular because?
intensity, strong rhythm, sexual lyrics
The term rock n roll is coined by?
a cleveland dj
rock n roll is?
a combined beat of R&b and a country style guitar and lyrics pertaining to love sex
1st rock band
billy haley and the comet
1st rockstar
elvis presley
during the 60s it just became known as rock, and became famous______
all of the world
Who was the first commercialized sex symbol/ musician
Tina Turner
In the 60s early rockstars had already ________of the charts
In 1964 _________emerged as the superstar rock group
the beatles are credited with
track on track recording and advancing recording techniques
Brittish American rock bands where influenced by?
is considered an instrumental virtuso on the guitar?
jimi hendrix
Off shoots of beatles musical style is?
california style, heavy metal, hard rock, acid rock, avant guard
60s pop styles included?
folk/protest music
70s pop splintered into competing markets and trends according to how they relate to social groups?
Disco and Punk Rock
80s rock styles?
New Wave, Alternative
Splinters of rock are?
rap, womens music, christian rock
raps 2 types?
ganster, conscience