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The term "blues" and the music it describes was first notated by a university in which century?
By Fisk University in 1903.
What style of music is the music of the black church?
Soul Gospel
Who recorded Crazy Blues, the first recorded vocal blues song (1920)?
Mamie Smith
True or False :

Women recorded Vocal blues for several years before men did.
Where did most blues women begin their professional careers in the early days of the blues?
Minstrel shows
Who was known as "Empress of the Blues?"
Bessie Smith
How was Down Home Blues generally different than city blues in the 1920s?
Soloist; one singer/musician; aka Country Blues
What brought many blacks to the Mississippi Delta where the Delta Blues style would grow?
Vast Black Labor Forces that built levees.
What are the two largest cities in the Mississippi Delta Region?
Helena, AK; Memphis, TN
Which two music style characteristics are commonly identified with Mississippi Delta Blues?
Percussive use of the guitar slide (bottleneck).
The most well-known style associated with bottleneck (slide) is:
Mississippi Delta Blues
Who would become the best known early bluesman, called the "King of the Delta Blues Singers," also famous for the legend of selling his soul for talent?
Robert Johnson
True or False:

Some down-home blues artist were also preachers.
Which three regions are considered important style centers in down-home country blues?
Delta, Piedmont, Texas
What Blues style are BBQ Bob, Sonny Terry, and Blind Willie McTell associated with:
Piedmont Blues
What are two of the characteristics of Piedmont Blues music and performance?
12 string guitar and danceable rag-time blues.
Who was responsible for packaging the album Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues Singers and invited Johnson to perform at Carengie Hallin his From Spirituals to Swing concerts, (but Johnson died just weeks before the event).
John Hammond
What did Thomas A. Dorsey call his blues-based church music?
Gospel Music
True or False:

The number of churches provided more opportunities for gospel groups than secular artists had in nightclubs through the 1960s
What was the name of the most commonly practiced vocal gospel style from the late 1920s through the 1940s?
Jubilee Gospel Quartets
What Chicago-based record label recorded electric blues artists like Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf?
Chess Records
Who was "discovered" and recorded by Alan Lomax in Mississippi, moved to Chicago in 1943, and became Chess Record's biggest blues star?
Muddy Waters
Which of the following artists is besk known for his blues harp (harmonical) playing?
Sony Boy Williamsons
What blues style are Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Willie Dixon, and Sony Boy Williamson most famously associated with:
Chicago Blues
What Texas blues artist injected jazz progression into his blues, influencing blues artist since?
Aaron "T-Bone" Walker
What gospel style, characterized by multiple wailing lead vocals, popularized by groups such as the Soul Stirrers, replaced the jubilee style in the late 1940s?
Hard Gospel
What style do the Five Blind Boys of Alabama best represent?
Hard Gospel
Which gospel singer was influenced by the blues vocals of Bessie Smith, and was dubbed "The Queen of Gospel Music?"
Mahlia Jackson
What blues style are Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan associated with:
Texas Blues
What section in Memphis, TN was the center of live music activity for bluesmen such as B.B King, Furry Lewis, Bukka White, and Willie Newborn?
Beel Street
Stevie Ray Vaughan's musical career began at what age eight, and he went on to be one of the finest Texas blues me, loved by many from the rock crowd, as well as blues lovers and the finest bluesman. What event cut his career short?
Helicopter Crash
What was the name of the Manhattan publishing community that became prominent at the dawn of the 20th century, providing the songs for theater shows?
Tin Pan Alley
In regards to entertainment, the term Broadway is synonymous with:
American Musical Theater
True or False:

The Broadway district still exists in New York City
Before radio and television shows, what was considered by the music business to be the most important quality for a song's success?
Sheet Music
Where is New York's Broadwas Theater district today?
42nd Ave & 54th Street- Time Square
New York City was not the only that stage entertainment was enjoyed in the 1800s. What types of shows were mounted across the country on small stages with small casts and first opened opportunities for black musicians after the U.S civil war?
Minstrel Shows
What turn-of-the century piano style was first popularized by Scott Joplin and used in minstrel shows, becoming crucial in the development of early jazz?
British Team Gilbert and Sullivan were immensely popular in New York through the early 20th century. What category of entertainment does their work fall?
What type of staged variety show of the late 1800s/early 1900s contained a lineup of 10 acts by a group of musicians, acrobats, family acts, comedians, jugglers, magicians, and trained animals?
Which of the pre-musical entertainment genres functioned like vaudeville, but had more daring material including, strippers?
What is revue?
A plot-less acts of singing, dancing, comedy.
True or False:

Broadway shows before the 1930s tend to be plotless strings of unrelated (or loosely related) songs with choreography by well-know stars.
What underclass groups were the predominant creative sources for the major trends in American pop music? (two answers)
Jewish Russian Immigrants & African Americans
George Gershwin became famous for his upbeat, witty shows and film scores, but is best remembered for his opera masterpiece of 1935 called:
Porgy & Bess
Which songwriter was a Russian immigrant and starting in 1911, wrote a series of smash hits including Alexander's Ragtime Band, God Bless America, White Christmas, Blue Skies, and Putting on the Ritz?
Irving Berlin
Which songwriter was on the staff at Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, MGM, and Paramount Studios from 1933 to 1961, and is the most successful songwriter in the history of motion pictures?
Harry Warren
When did record companies begin to use electricity to cut grooves instead of the acoustic power inherent in sound?
What instrument designer cited the Theremin as the major influence for his own most popular product?
Robert Mooge