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What city is the birthplace of jazz?
New Orleans
Where ere slaves allowed to congregate and perform traditional dances from their African homelands through most of the 19th century?
Congo Square
Which previously established musical groups became the first jazz units in New Orleans?
Marching Band
True or False:

More African slaves were brought to North America than in Brazil, Spanish America or the Caribbean.
True or False:

Because of manumission, by 1800, the number of free blacks outnumbered slaves in the American Hemisphere.
The St. Louis of ragtime that took America by Storm at the turn of the century was led by what two black composer/publishers?
Scott Joplin & W.C. Hardy
What was Storyville?
Neighborhood set aside for brothels & gambling in New Orleans
What instrument began to replace the tuba when jazz moved indoors?
Double Bass
What instrument began to replace the banjo when jazz moved indoors?
Who was the ragtime-trained New Orleans pianist who became the first significant composer jazz?
Jelly Roll Morton
Who was the first significant jazz soloist, and the first internationally recognized jazz stars making the art of solo improvisation one of the basic foundations of all of jazz? He is possibly the most important jazz artist of all time.
Louis Armstrong
How did the "Chicago Style" of jazz differ from the New Orleans "hot jazz" style?
Large individual section
New York's James P. Johnson created a new swinging style of ragtime. What is this piano style called?
Who was the first significant (and universally respected) white jazz musician, often compared with Armstrong in the Chicago?
Bix Beiderbecke
In what jazz style era did band need need a musical arranger and jazz musicians had to be able to read music?
Big Band
What is the Standard instrumentation of the swing orchestra? List the number of instruments contained in each section.
Rhythm Section
Who was the Harlem Renaissance pianist and bandleader that made jazz arranging and composition into fine art, broadcasting his music across the country from the Cotton Club?
Edward Duke Ellington
Which swing-era bandleader led a band the included Louis Armstrong as a soloist and was dubbed the "Inventor Of Swing" because of his arrangements?
Fletcher Henderson
What Kansas City swing band was known for its strong anchoring in the blues and often played their parts from memory instead of from charts?
The Basie Band
The Big Band Era marked a 15-year period when popular hits were in the jazz/big band idiom. Though developed by Ellington and others in the 1920s, when did it become a big hit with the public?
What jazz artist popularized electric guitar with horn-like single line solos while playing with Benny Goodman?
Charlie Christian
Which jazz singer was influenced by Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong during her youth and was "discovered" in New York City by A&R guru John Hammond?
Billie Holiday
What was Dizzy Gillespie's instrument of expertise?
What was Charlie "bird" parkers instrument of expertise?
Alto Sax
Which band leader fused latin arrangements with bebop in his jazz big band, which included percussionist Chano Pozo?
Dizzy Gillespie
What was Miles Davis instrument of expertise?
What west coast pianist/band leader fused 20th century orchestral elements to jazz playing tunes in odd time signatures like 5/4 and 9/8?
Dave Brubeck
Utilizing laid back arrrangements of bebopsyted tunes, Miles Davis made a 1949 recording for nine players inspired the "Cool Jazz" era. What was the name of this famous album?
The Birth of Cool
Joao Gilberto commonly recorded the music of which Brazilian songwriter, leading the Bossa Nova Style to popularity in the 60s?
Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim
What artist/band leader composer first successfully brought the modal approach to jazz?
Miles Davis
What jazz saxophonist/composer released the highly influential Free Jazz album in 1960?
Ornette Coleman
How is the Free Jazz style approach different than other jazz styles?
Free Jazz that arranges & soloing w/o predetermined chord changes
What saxophonist pushed the art of improvisation to new standards with the Giant Steps and A love Supreme albums, introducing Eastern musical ideas and spiritualism into his music?
John Coltrane
Which 1969 album fused rock, funk, and jazz, to start a new trend called fusion?
Bitches Brew
Which modern saxophonist/composer toured with Miles Davis, Cecil Taylor, and Dizzy Gillespie, managed a concert loft in New York; and moved to Florida to pursue large composition projects?
Sam Rivers
What modern New York saxophonist is well known outside of jazz for his classical compositions, his punk hardcore and modern funk/rock compositions and productions?
John Zorn
Which big band leader/pianist used costumes and stage effects to create experimental jazz, utilizing outer space themes?
Sun Ra
List Jazz styles in their correct chronological order:
1. Hot New Orleans
2. Chicago
3. Stride
4. Big Band/Swing
5. BeBop
6. Cool
7. Free Jazz
8. Fusion
What artist has attempted to bring attention to non-fusion and older jazz musicians and traditional styles through his own playing?
Wynton Marsalis
Bebop was born and developed in what city, in clubs such as Minton's Playhouse and the Three Deuces?
New York City's Harlem
What was Thelonious Monk's instrument of expertise?