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Basso Continuo
A set of chords continuously underlying the melody of a piece of Baroque music.
Ground Bass
An ostinato in the bass
Bass Ostinato
Combinataion of bass continuo and ground bass
Drama presented in music, with the characters singing instead of speaking
A half-singing, half-reciting style of presenting words in opera, cantat, oratorio, etc., following speech accents and speech rhythms closely. Secco recitative is accompanied only by continuo
A vocal number for solo singer and orchestra, generally in opera, cantata, or oratorio
Dance Suites
A piece consisting of a series of dances
1 subject, always starts with the subject.

Exposition = Variation of the subject.
Written for the keyboard
1 subject, many varied forms, essentially same as fuge
Walking Bass
A bass line consisting of steady equal note values, usually eighths or quarters
Same as coloratura and melisma...In vocal music, a passage of many notes sung to a single syllable
Orchestra piece with one solo
Concerto Grosso
Orchestral piece with more than one soloist (usually 4-5)
Way of organizing a piece
The orchestral material at the beginning of a concerto grosso...which always returns later in the piece
Ritornello Form
Musical form based on recurrences of a ritornello.
An improvised passage for the soloist in a concerto, or sometimes in other works. Concerto cadenzas usually come near the ends of movements
Binary Form
A musical form having two different sections; AB form
Trio Form
French Overature
A Baroque type of overture to an opera, oratorio, or suite.
Da Capo
Literally, for the beginning; a direction to the performer to repeat music form the beginning of the piece up to a later point
Opera Seria
Serious Opera
Secco Recitative
A half-singing, half-reciting, style of presenting words in opera, cantata, oratoria, etc.

Is accompanied by a cantinuo
Accompanied Recitative
A half-singing, half-reciting, style of presenting words in opera, cantata, oratoria, etc.

Is accompanied by an orchestra
Opera, without a set, has a religious subject
Piece to be sung
Piece to be played