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What instrumental forms follow the Sonata Cycle?
Symphony, Sonata, Concerto, String Quartet, stringent 4 movement cycle
Name the parts in the Sonata Cycle
Sonata-Allegro Form, Theme and Variations, Minuet and Trio, Sonata Rondo
The Sonata Cycle
governing form of multimovement instrumental compositions from the classic
Name the parts under the Sonata Allegro form of the Sonata Cycle
Exposition, Development, Recapitulation, Coda
In the Sonata Allegro Form, what two parts are the same but one is in a different key?
Exposition and Recapitulation
Name the types to the Sonata Rondo
2 part Rondo and 3 part Rondo
2 Part Rondo
3 Part Rondo
At what age did Mozart write his first symphony?
At what age did Mozart write his first Opera?
At what age did Mozart write his first composition?
In all how many Compsures did Mozart write in all?
How many symphonys did Mozart write in all?
Mozarts last composure, write it as if it was for his funeral
What was Mozarts most famous composure?
What did Mozart write in 9 months at age 19?
5 Violin Concerto
How many of Mozarts opera's were comedic?
Empress Maria Teresa
she wanted to get rid of all the Masons (part of Mozart's family)
Who was The Magic Flute's evil character written about?
Empress Maria Teresa
Where did Hayden study and with whom?
Vienna and with his Uncle
Where did Hayden become a chairboy?
St Stephens Cathedral
Where did Hayden become the music director?
at the Esterhazy Palace
What event ended Haydens job at the Esterhazy Palace?
the death of the prince in 1790
Who wrote the London Symphonies?
What is Hayden's nickname?
Father of the Symphonies and the Sonata Cycle
Who wrote The Creation?
What is Eine Kline Nachtmusik?
a string quartet
Who wrote Eine Kline Nachtmusik?
What is Eine Kline Nachtmusik mean?
A little night music
Where was Beethoven born?
Bonn, Germany
Who was Mozart's mentor?
Who was Beethoven's piano teacher?
Christopher Nief
At what age did Beethoven quit school?
What did Beethoven's mother die of?
Who is Symphony # 3 written about?
What is Symphany is written to mimic the Birds Songs and wind
# 6
How many love's did Beethoven have?
Who was "Moon Light Sonata" written for?
Antonon Britana
What was Fedilieo written about?
meant to symbolize a newly freed europe
What compsition was the first of Beethoven's to use a chorus?
Symphony # 9
What type of composer was Beethoven?
a transitional composer between Classic and Romantic
What was Beethoven's first Romantic composition?
Symphony # 9
What Dates did Beethoven use the Classical style of music?
What dates did Beethoven use the Romantic style of music?
What dates did Beethoven use the Spiritual and Introspective style of music?
Missa Solemnis
Beethoven's musical composure about the church
What two compositions of Beethoven used 80 instruments and 200 vocalists?
Choral and Missa Solemnis
What composition was written as a tribute to Hayden?
Symphony # 8
Name Beethovens contributions to symphony
added instruments, Sonata Allegro-Form, Used Scherzo & trio, and used dissonance in harmonic structures
was a failure and was reworked until it was a success
Heiligenstadt Testament
Beethovens letter to his brother
What years did the Classic Period last through?
1750 - 1825
What was Mozart's life span?
1756 - 1791
What was Beethoven's life span?
Who composed the Magic Flute?
When does the Magic Flute take place?
in Egyptian Legendary times
What are the good characters associated with?
light or sun
What colors are the good characters clothed in?
White Gold Red
Name the good characters
Sarastro, Tamino, Pamina
Who is Sarastro
High Priest of Isis and Osiris
Who is Tamino
an Egyptian Prince
Who is Pamina
the Queen of the Night's daughter
What are the evil character's associated with?
Darkness or the moon
What colors do the Evil characters wear?
black silver navy
Name the evil characters
Queen of the night, Three Ladies, Monostatos
Who are the Monostatos
Moor Spy
Name the comic characters
Papageno and Papagena
What song in the Magic Flute tells the moral of the story?
Hm Hm Hm song
What is the moral of the story?
love and brotherhood
What are the names of the temples?
wisdom reason nature
How many numbers are there in the Magic Flute?
Where is the orb is kept where?
in a temple like cage
Name the trials that Tamino must negotiate
silence fire water
Name all the use of threes in the Magic Flute
the three colors, three ladies, three gentii, three temples, three chords, three trials.