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Intellectual property
profiting from other's property
right to make copies, profit from your own work
Copyright Act of 1909
28yr+28yr=56yr 1st law
Copyright Act of 1976
lifetime of the creator +50yr 2nd law
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998
lifetime of the creator +70yr
P.D. (public domain)
when the term of the copyright is over, it goes to the ________ of that country.
money paid to the copyright holders
mechanical royalties
money get from sale of CDs, tapes and records. Record company pay to the music publisher
performing right, performances royalities
money that radio, TV station, airlines pay (license fee )to certin organization societies for the using of all music under them
imitation that is made with the intent to deceptively represent its origins
mechanical license
the thing that grants the right to produce and distribute copyrighted musical compositions
statutory rate
synchronization rights
the right to use music combine with visual images such as music in films, TV, videos
performing rights societies
ASCAP and BMI. Radio,TV station pay them license fee /year so that they can use all the music under them
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
Broadcast music, Inc.
how frequent are the songs being played in the radio
the unauthorized use of copyingrighted materialin a manner that violates one of the origianl copyright owner's exclusive rights.
expert witness
witness is believed to have special knowledge of his subject beyond that of the average person
prior art
usually used by defensive side, to show that there is sth out there is a model for both
taking portion of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or element of a new recording
twleve-tone music
12 notes arranged in a particular order created by Schoeberg used in atonal music 1920
twleve-tone row
order of the notes. 48forms. 1) original 2) inverted 3) retrograde 4) inverted+retrograde
developed by schoenberg, he melody is spoken at approximate piches rather than sung on exact piches
atonal music/atonality
not tonal music, no tone of center
Scheonberg, Webern, Berg
new (second) viennese school
common practice
for any period before modern period, composers working under the same understanding. Easy to distinguisher songs from different period.
The Middle Ages:
The renaissance:
Baroque Period
the Classical Period:
The Romantic Period
the Modern Period:
minimalism 1960-1970;
reaction against interllectualism, work is stripped down to its most fundamental features and core self expression. It is tonal
1920; composer drew inspiration from music of the 18th century., make connection to the past
aleatoric music or chance
music in which some element of the composition is left to chance
graphic notation
a form of music notation which refers to the use of non-traditional symbols to convey infor about the performance
prepared piano
by Jogn Cage; put sth into the piano at specific place and then play it
European Harmony + African Rhythem
what is jazz?
Dixieland 1920
congo square, place where style of Jazz is developed in Orleans; what year
collective improivisation. they play in the same harmony
everyone is improvising, not just the solo, why work out?
early big band
band leaders are famouns, no stars
year of Tonality
year of sonata
year of absolute and program music
year of Atonality
Dixieland; twelve-tone music, neoclassicism,
what is in the year of 1920s.
make up as goes on
12 bar chord progression, they give characters
copy , imitate others
"aping" other bass players
double stops
2 notes at the same time
jazz dancing, strong flow
big bands
more pp, popular times, arranger, dance music
bebop and year
1940; exclusive, new tunes, perfomer receives the attention, not dance music, come from Charlie parker
cool jazz
lighter, more romantic style of Jazz
third stream
free jazz
no piano
cool jazz, third stream, free jazz
3 types of jazz in 1950.
year of swing and big band
year of early big band
year piano was invented
Igor Stravinsky 1) he is influential 2) long career, many transformation, style remains himself
who is proffessor's most favoriate composer? and why
opus="work" order of publication
programmatic music
music tells a story
music not telling stories
tone poem
music created by a poem setting
Paul Whiteman
king of jazz
feature performances
the primary types of music use which generate performace royalties.
1600, 1908
year for Tonality and Atonality
mechanical and performance royalties
2 types of royalties
2 millions
how much can a hit song generate
first 4 notes of Bache tone
what so special about the last 4 notes in Berg's 12 tone music
minimalism is tonal or atonal
12-tone composition
iconoclast, rugged individualist
what do people describe John Cage
conceptual art
the idea of the piece is more important than the music itself
hear beat and blood travel through his vein
2 things cannot escape (John Cage)
jazz, Rock'n'Roll, American musical Theater
20th century America 's 3 most precious gift to the world
other side of defendant
big difference b/ ragtime and Jazz
pitches do not fellow on the notes
what is very similar to jazz
New Orleans, New York, Chicago
center of Jazz
can you copyright a chord progression
song and sound recording is copyrighted
©, (p)
the "hook"
most people imfrige____
intentional fallacy
the author's intention is not particularly important. "a fallacy about intent"
1943 "Oklahoma" -1968"hair"
time of musical theater
Golden Age
the music only works in that particular setting
what so special about "Oklahoma"
musical theater + rock'n'roll
style of" hair"
it has progression, take you from A to B
characteristics of musical theater
Fiddler on the roof-"tradition" hit which contury
raise pitches, move up key
what do they do to keep audience's attention
simple theme can have big function