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Early Beethoven period
until age 29. Classical in nature and influenced by Hyden and Mozart
Middle Beethoven period
until 1818. Works are longer. Heroic and triumphant
Late Beethoven period
completely deaf. Progressive music, romantic, invented new forms
art was about:
self expression, individualism, emotional
List the characteristics of romantic era
forms were longer, range of dynamics grew, timber and pitch increased, harmonies caused dissonance
to speed up or slow down while playing to add emotion
influences on romantic era
nature and supernatural
what affect did music have on society
no courts
public performances
first permanent symphony
place to study music instead of the apprentise system
Art song
Short poem for solo voice and piano
Through Composed
music changes with each stanza in an art form
music stays the same for each stanza of art form
Song cycle
collection of art songs that have something in common
master in what you do
piano form
important because piano is a flexible instrument
character piece
short descriptive piece for a piano
may be grouped under 1 title
List the 3 important piano composers
Schumann, Liszt, Chopin
short piece written to improve the playing of performer
program music
written to sound like something
eadea fix
melody that is present in all 5 movements of Symphony Fantastique that represents the woman that rejected him