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An artistic literary style based on the theory that method of presentation should be true to life
Who is the composer for Peter and the Wolf?
Sergei prokofiev
A viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless
Serial Music
In music, a mid-20th century type of composition based on the twelve tone system
Style of Joan Miro
Surrealism- A 20th-century movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind.
Modernist rejected___?
Gehry used a aerospace computer to help create what?
Walt Disney Concert Hall, uses style of futurism
Aleatoric music
"chance music", dependent on chance. In music, using sounds chosen by the performer or left to chance. in film, composition on the spot.
Cultural relativism
In reaction to ethnocentrism, asserts that beliefs, values, customs, and other expressions of cultures must be understood and judged within their own context rather than from outside viewpoints
Choreographer of Rite of Spring
Vaslav Nijinsky
An opera by Philip Glass, Akhnaten is the main character, the scribe is the narrator
Henry Tanner
Very first famous African American painter
Honore Daumier
Often depicted urban scenes and known for caricatures
Abstract expressionism
An american post WWII art movement, splatter art.
insists on the actual existence of individuals as basic and important- rather than relying on theories and abstractions. Human being are what they make of themselves.
temporary art, ex: Ice sculptures, land art, sand sculptures, chalk drawings
Spiral Jetty
sculpted by Robert Smithson, it is an earthwork sculpture.
Aaron Douglas
arguably the foremost painter of the Harlem Renaissance in highly stylized work, explores a palette of muted tones. Known for his illustrations and cover designs for many books by African-American writers.
Alexander Calder
known for kinetic art- art containing moving parts depending on motion for its effects. ex: wind chimes
Shaker Hymns are used by____
Rhapsody in Blue Piano Concerto
musical composition by George Gershwin for solo piano and jazz band written in 1924, combines elements of classical music with jazz-influenced effects.
Diego Rivera
revived the fresco mural as an art form in Mexico in the 1920s. Produced large scale public murals that picture contemporary subjects in a style that blends European and native traditions. Famous Ex: Fresco painting- "Enslavement of the Indians". He criticized the oppression of the Indians by the Europeans, very political (vocal about gov.), subjects are working people/ influential leaders
Beliefs of Decadents
saw the 19th century as the "end of the century" & the decay of civilization w/ flamboyant behavior, drug taking, and sexual license.
Color Field painting
Mark Rothko, number 10, 1950 oil on canvas, exhibits high individualism that follows a process of reduction and simplification
An artistic movement that began in Italy in around 1909, art movement celebrating technology that was inspired by Cubism
What were the Lumiere Brothers famous for?
They were the first to show a film screening
DW Griffith
a pioneering film director, best known for film "Birth of the Nation" which ran for three hours and was very controversial, virtually invented film editing .
Who is the composer of the emancipation of dissonance?
Arnold Schoenberg
Burj Dubai--marvels of architecture
The Burj Al Arab's atrium is the world's tallest- measuring 600 feet.
Coated in Teflon, the sail-shaped building boasts a helipad and an
underwater seafood restaurant. All rooms are luxury suites, tallest building in the world, highest publicly accessible observation deck, worlds fastest lift. Designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. 200 floors and costs 800 million.
architecture that stretches engineering to the limits of current building materials