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The difference between merely pulsed music and metered music is that metered music?
Has pulses
Measures occur in metered music. A measure can be defined as?
A group of beats
In any given measure the first beat is called the ____ beat, and it is usually thought of a sbeing wore weighty than the other beats.
In compund time the beats are divided into ____ equal parts.
In simple time the beats are divided into ____ equal parts.
Te short-short-short-long pattern that occurs over and over again in the first movement of Bethoven's FIfth Symphony is a good example of?
An increase in pace
What happens to the pulse when a performer plays a musical passage rubato?
All the sounds combine and it can sometimes feel as though the tempo, pace and rhythmic patterns are lost.
THe polyrhythm we performed in the last class had ____ beat pattern conflicting with a ____ beat pattern.
Two, Three
Besides conflict, polyrhythms must have an element of?