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Describe the state of music at the beginning of the 1960s:
List the 4 main conflicting trends of rock and roll in the beginning of the 1960s:
1. vestiges of the 1950s
2. emerging folk music trend
3. surfing music
4. dance craze
What types of rock and roll were considered to be the vestiges of rock and roll at the beginning of the 1960s:
1. rockabilly
2. soft rock
List some of the rockabilly artists who continued success into the beginning of the 1960s:
1. Marty Robbins
2. Everly Brothers
3. Brenda Lee
4. Roy Orbison
5. Johnny Cash
6. Ricky Nelson
What black singer released a very successful C & W album at the beginning of the 1960s?
Ray Charles
What is the name of the first British group to have a #1 hit on the US charts?
The Tornadoes
T or F
The first #1hit by a British group on the US Charts was an instrumental.
Cite singers who succeeded in soft rock at the beginning of the 1960s:
1. Bobby Vee
2. Bobby Vinton
3. Bobby Rydell
4. Neil Sedaka
What type of grouping emerged in the early 1960s that later became associated with the Motown sound?
Black male and female groups joining for releases
Name one of the most successful groups in the early 1960s whose original name was the Variatones?
The Four Seasons
Name the lead singer of the The Four Seasons
Frankie Valli
What type of voice did Frankie Valli sing with?
Strong Falsetto
The Four Seasons used a type of harmony that was later adopted and expanded by what group into the surfing songs of the 1960s?
The Beach Boys
T or F
Female solo singers did not have much success in the early 1960s.
List some female solo singers of the early 1960s
In addition to Connie Francis and Brenda Lee,:
1.Lesley Gore
2. Shelley Fabares
3. Little Peggy March
Cite some of the novelty songs that were popular in the early 1960s:
1. Running Bear
2. Mr. Custer
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
What song recorded in the early 1960s and is a novelty song was actually a South African folk song?
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
T or F
In 1963 5 singing nuns had a hit singing about the founder of the Dominican order, Dominique.
What recording went on to become the 2nd most popular recording of the 1960s?
A Summer Place by Percy Faith
In the purest sense, what is a folk song?
One that has been handed down (by ear) from generation to generation.
T or F
Technically speaking, a true folk song cannot just be composed.
T or F
"Folk music" of the 1960s was pure folk music.
"folk music" of the 1960s was not true folk music
What was the model for the "folk music" of the 1960s?
The Appalachian folk ballad
What style of music used various acoustic guitars, or guitar-like instruments to accompany one or more singers, singing highly personalized lyrics that told of real issues of life?
Appalachian folk ballad
In what decade do the roots of the 1960s folk music originate?
Name 2 of the original singers in the folk music quartet formed in early 1940s?
1. Woody Guthrie
2. Pete Seeger
What was the name of the singing group that Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie belonged to in the early 1940s?
The Almanac Singers
What singer wrote columns for the Communist Daily Worker and People's World?
Woody Guthrie
What singer wrote the folk music anthem, "This Land is Your Land"?
Woody Guthrie
What were some of the subjects of Woody Guthrie's songs?
political and social criticisms
What is the name for the singing group that The Almanac Singers reorganized into in the 1940s without Woody Guthrie?
The Weavers
T or F
The Weavers had a couple of hit top 10s.
When did the Weavers disband?
T or F
Members of the Weavers were blacklisted for being subversive during the McCarthy era.
List some of the songs that Pete Seeger wrote that later became important hits in the folk music movement of the 1960s?
1. If I Had a Hammer
2. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
3. Turn, Turn, Turn
Name the form of Caribbean music that hit airwaves in 1957?
T or F
Calypso is considered to be a form of folk music from the Caribbean.
Name the singer who is most associated with Calypso
Harry Belafonte
Name the singing group that Dave Guard, Bob Shane, and Nick Reynolds formed in Standford, CA in 1957?
The Kingston Trio
Name the Kingston Trio's first hit.
"Tom Dooley"
Who sang what is considered to be the first real hit in the folk music trend?
The Kingston Trio with "Tom Dooley"
T or F
"Tom Dooley" was an adaptation of a real Blue Ridge Mountain folk tune.
What was the image projected by the Kingston Trio?
White, close-cropped hair, button-down shirts, and dress slacks.
T or F
Kingston Trio eventually had 10 songs in the Top 40 and their first 7 albums went gold.T
Name the type of folk music trend that was launched by the Kingston Trio:
"urban folk trend"
Name some groups that fall in the urban folk trend:
1. Brothers Four
2. The Highwaymen
3. Rooftop Singers
4. New Christy Minstrels
5. Smothers Brothers
6. Journeymen
Name the trio that emerged with a "folknik" type
Peter, Paul, and Mary
Describe the "folknik" type of folk music:
T or F
Folk music from 192-69 was music with messages of social and political bents.
T or F
Folk music of the 1960s was easy to dance to.
What part of the artistic community was central to the rising campus sub-culture that emerged in the 1960s?
What song by Peter, Paul, and Mary was a song about lost pleasures and innocence of chilhood?
Puff, the Magic Dragon
What cover song recorded by Peter, Paul, and Mary expressed best the sentiments of the folk-oriented youth culture?
"Blowin' in the Wind"
Who wrote "Blowin in the Wind"?
Bob Dylan
T or F
Peter, Paul, and Mary disbanded shortly after their #1 hit, Leaving on a Jet Plane in 1969.
Who wrote "Leaving on a Jet Plane"?
John Denver
T or F
Lyrics were not clearly enunciated in folk music of the 1960s.
Lyrics were sung clearly
Describe the harmonies of folk music of the 1960s:
What does the term
"diatonic" mean?
All within a given key
Describe the lyrics of the folk music of the 1960s:
Serious with social and political messages
Describe the demographics for the folk music of the 1960s market?
Older end of the youth spectrum, 18-24 yo, and 17 and younger
What buying trend occured during the 1960s with the popularity of the the folk music groups?
Albums replaced singles as the biggest share of the market
Describe the acoustic instruments found in the folk music of the 1960s
True, no artificial assisstance from electronics, overdubbing, and multitracking
What type of music of the 1960s was almost the antithesis to the folk music of the '60s?
Surfing Music
What music group popularized surfing music?
The Beach Boys
Where was the geographic center of the surfing world?
Southern California
Name the movie that began the "sun-and-surf" movies
Name the singer who is credited as being one of the first to becone associated with surfing subculture?
Dick Dale
Name other surfing singing groups:
1. Jan and Dean
2. Jan Berry
3, Dean Torrence
What is the real name for "Dean" in the group, Jan and Dean?
Arnie Ginsberg
Who wrote Jan and Dean's first and onlyhit, Surf City?
Brian Wilson, later of the Beach Boys
When did the group Jan and Dean breakup?
When Jan was nearly killed in an automobile accident in 1966.
Name the original Beach Boys:
1. Brian Wilson
2. Carl Wilson
3, Dennis Wilson
4. cousin, Mike Love
5. friend Al Jardine
Name the Beach Boy that largely determined the singing and song style of the group?
Brian Wilson
What happened to Brian Wilson in 1964 causing him to quit touring with the group?
He suffered a nervous breakdown
Name the Beach Boys hit that moved the group into their post-surfing stage:
Good Vibrations
How long did it take the Beach Boys to work on Good Vibrations?
6 months
How many studios were involved in the recording of Good Vibrations?
4 studios
How much $$$ did it cost to record Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys?
T or F
Good Vibrations fit the traditional rock formula.
Good Vibrations did not fit the formula
What record marked the decline of the Beach Boys?
Smiley Smile
What is Chubby Checkers' real name?
Ernest Evans
Who sang The Twist?
Chubby Checkers
Describe how the song, The Twist is unique to rock and roll history?
Achieved #1 on two separate occasions, and was on the Top 100 charts for a total of over 38 weeks
What type of structure were most of the dance tunes of the 1960s?
twelve-bar blues
T or F
Many of the dance tunes lyrics contained the directions on how to do the dance.
What trend is credited with keeping black music on the charts in the face of the folk trend, and surfing trend?
Dance tunes
What is the term used to describe how the various layers of musical sounds relate to each other?
Musical Texture
Name the song sung by Brian Wilson and Van Dyk that is closely associated with the texture of Good Vibrations
Heroes and Villains
Name the group that Brian Wilson was fond of:
The Four Freshmen
Describe the leads and harmonies in the Beach Boys early surfing songs
The lead changes from singer to singer while the rest fill in with the harmonies
What is the name for the electronic instrument used in Good Vibrations that was invented in 1924 that consisted of a small box with a metallic rod protruding that when operated produces higher and lower pitches.
What song is considered to a major milestone of achievement in the history of rock and roll that the Beach Boys recorded?
Good Vibrations
Who was the creative genius in the sound engineering room for the Beach Boys
Brian Wilson
What is the recorded song that is attributed with starting with the "Dance Craze"?
The Twist
What was the title of the song on the flip side of "The Twist"?
Teardrops on Your letter
Who originally recorded "The Twist"?
Hank Ballard in 1959
What is the real name for Chubby Checker?
Ernest Evans
T or F
Chubby Checker was the artist who first sang, The Twist?
Name the TV show that popularized, The TWist?
American Bandstand
Describe the structure for most of the dance songs of the early 1960s?
Twelve-Bar Blues structure
What was unique @ the lyrics for many of the dance craze songs?
They usually described the dance's directions.
Name the 2 music movements whose roots are attributed with originating with the dance craze songs?
Break Dancing
T or F
Dance craze songs were for partner dancing.
They encouraged individual dancing with partners dancing opposite to one another.
Name the singing group that Brian Wilson was fond of:
The Four Freshmen
Who was Carl Wilson fond of?
Chuck Berry
Who is the most influential singer to the music in the "Surfin USA"
Chuck Berry
Whose music is used in Surfin USA with lyrics rewritten by Brian Wilson
Chuck Berry
Who sings lead vocal in Surfin USA?
Mike Love
T or F
The BEach Boys' music is highly texturized.
What song is considered to be the most creative and innovative single to be released in rock music up until 1966?
Good Vibrations
Name the Beach Boys release that is often measured against Good Vibrations
Heroes and Villains